Black display after changing the bottom module


I wanted to change the bottom module of my fairphone 3 (due to miscontact) but I damaged the small cable of my screen (the one next to the contact pins) .

  • At first, the screen was displaying black and white dots so I tried to disconnect/reconnect the screen but it then remained black. It’s when I realized the cable was damaged

  • So I ordered a new display module but the screen remain black despite my multiple attempts to remove and put back the display. The phone still reacts when I try to start it (green light and vibrations)

My questions are:

  • Did I have a chance to repair this phone or is the core module dead?
  • If so, is there a way I access the data still on the phone?

Thanks in advance for your help

Hi and welcome to the forum.

Do I assume you have expired the 2 year warranty?

Regarding the ‘cable’ do you mean the one with the white arrow in the pic below

Thanks for the quick reply.

  • Yes, the guaranty expired one month ago unfortunately
  • No: it the “cable” on the bottom part of the display module, near the border of the screen. It have a copper color and is connected to some components behind a metal protection (the gpu I guess). It is really close to one of the plastic stuff where the screw goes.
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