Black back Cover

Hi, I currently use the black transparent back cover. Today i noticed the first crack and yes i was aware that its out of production because of bad material. So i looked up the available alternatives but i wondered why no Black alternative is on sale. Probably 90% of all smartphones have a black back cover available, why doesnt the FP2 have one? I dont need the transparent, but i want a just black cover … is there something in the making or why isnt there a black alternative?


That’s exactly why. If the Fairphone looked like every other phone nobody would ask you what it is and you wouldn’t get to talk about fair wages, conflict minerals and circular economy with them.


yeah but maybe i want a smartphone that supports a google free android without everybody commenting on my ugly coloured case. I dont want to discuss with everyone about a (for normal standards) quiet overpriced phone with outdated android :slight_smile: i dont want to force anyone to a plain black cover but i would like to have the possibillity


For what it’s worth, I felt the same way until I got a replacement cover - I had the black translucent cover, and ended up going for the white version as it was the least colourful, most neutral option. I was pleasantly surprised with how good it looks. It looks good though it isn’t gaudy and doesn’t draw the eye, but it still stands out when you demonstrate the phone to interested people.

Also, there’s a topic somewhere on this forum about painting the back cover, although I don’t think a definitive procedure has been agreed upon as of yet.

my phone was delivered with the white cover and i bought the black transparent one because i didnt like it :frowning: somewhere i still have the white one but i dont like it.


Here’s the topic on DIY-painting a slim case’s back cover that @robbert.f mentioned:

I think the result looks surprisingly professional, but well, it remains to be seen if it’s durable enough in the long run.


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