Better camera module needed now?

Yes they are. They’re very very poor, and Rh r camera is very very slow.

I avoid using the camera almost completely now.

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for me its good enough. sure in comparison to apple, samsung or huawei flagships its far behind but who really NEEDS that much pixels on a smartphone?

The other day I did a photo shooting with the Fairphone 2 and my old Samsung Galaxy S2. Both have 8 MP cameras. I found the quality of the pictures were very similar in bright light, macro, low light + flash. The color perception was a little different at low light, e.g. the colors from FP2 were a little bit more gray-ish compared to the S2. For me it is difficult to say, which color comes closer to reality.

FP2 has the 8 MP at a picture ratio of 4:3, whereas the S2 uses 16:9. As I am using 16:9 pictures were possible I reduced the number of pixels to 6 MP now.

Summarizing, for me the current camera module is sufficient for snapshots. For better quality pictures I am using a digital camera with optical zoom. The number of pixels is in my opinion overrated anyway, more important is the quality of the chip, characteristics like blurring for instance. I am just missing the panorama mode, but Hugin does better stitching anyway, it is just more work to do at the PC afterwards.

News from the MWC 2017: There will not only be a back-camera update but also a front-camera update!

article in german:


I hope that Fairphone clarifies soon whether the upgraded modules will be included in the long-awaited upcoming End of May FP2 batch. It would appear tough to me how to explain it to potential buyers otherwise.


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For me, the camera module is the most important part of the phone! Therefore, I have not ordered a Fairphone 2 (yet), because I could not find any official information about an update of the camera module. 8 MP and the overall quality of the chip are not good enough for me! I could live with it if I’d know that a new module is in development and the specs are 1… 2… 3… and will be available date yyyy_mm… So, please update your information policy…

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But I agree, it would be nice to hear/read some news about a new camera.

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The latest info the community has is from 11th May:

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If the FP2 had a better camera I would not need to have a parallell “Unfair phone” as i take a lot of pictures in my work and even as i need and have a real camera for the best pictures. Adecent ohone camera is a big help as a complement it´s fast, you normally have it easy accesible, it does the geo-tagging. So a better camera in the FP2 would reduce the need a an extra device.


Yeah, I also would really like to know anything about the new camera module. Any rumors? Updates?


I have been waiting for 1+1/2 year for a proper Fairphone-2-camera. But now I realy have given up! I don’t think, that Fairphone is able to produce a real good camera, comparable with an I-phone or something similar.

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I just asked them via Twitter, and that was the reply:

Sounds good, right? :grin:


Why should I buy (now in mid 2017) a meanwhile 3 years old technology with a bad camera for such a high price? And who of Fairphone company can guaranty, that in another 4 years there are still spare parts available for FP2 in parallel to a new FP3??
Faiphone just ruined their credibilty just letting drop F.P.1 after 3 1/2 years… I would be mad if I buy now that “old” FP3!!

Nobody forces you to, and with priorities on current technology and high end camera you are not in the target group.
The camera isn’t bad, it is just not the best, for normal peoples’ everyday photos it works totally fine. And the Fairphone 2 is still a modular and OS-wise very open phone with sufficient performance for everyday smartphoning, but not for power-gaming I guess. I would be interested in comparable competition.

Nobody really. We live in capitalism. Companies can go bancrupt in any short while.

Only if someone forced you to buy it, which nobody does.


As far as I remember FP1 was all about fairer electronics, right? For that reason Fairphone bought an existing device and labelled it to get behind the supply chain of a smartphone. And I guess they were quite successful with that.
I supported that idea by buying this device (one of the very first), but I was also totally aware that I was a kind of “Versuchskaninchen” here. I sold the device after half a year because I was totally not satisfied with the user experience. I did not feel “guilty” about that because I supported them in the beginning, nonetheless, the device was just not meant for me.

To believe now that a labelled device made in China will be supported for many years is somehow naive, don’t you think? Despite from that, I am an optimist and I hope everybody including Fairphone learnt their lesson and things will become better with FP2.

Nonetheless, I came back to FP2 because I liked the idea of the modularity. Since the camera is the thing which bothers me the most, I can’t wait for an update. A a tech person, I can’t wait to show to my friends that I just replaced my camera against a better one. :grin:

Sorry for the long text, but just my 5 cents to that topic.


I think we should keep on topic: :camera_flash:

Nice news on the camera. I wonder if pre-orders placed now already get the new camera?


Are there technical details already available? I’ll shurely buy it as soon as it shows up in the shop.


Jep, me too. And as soon as it is supported by LineageOS. But as my experiences with this community are, that will just take a few hours. =)


The Pointe is, may i told it allready, if someone buys a new camera or display, he should send the old one back to Fairphone, so it could be used as a replace. So it’s better then recycling. :slight_smile: