Best way to cleanup FP4 + unroot + enable Microg + lock bootloader - CalyxOS


my FP4 is currently:

  • running CalyOS
  • rooted with Magisk
  • and does not have microG installed

I would like to give it to a Family member and therefor I would like to:

  • clean it up (no need to discuss how to get my data backed up - consider all this as done)
  • unroot it / remove root
  • enable microG

So I was wondering what would be the best approach?

a) “modify the current installation” - approach

  • remove root (uninstall Magisk like I do before an OTA)
  • somehow enable microG (is it even possible afterwards, when I started without?)
  • safely clean everything up → idk e.g.: factory reset it or whatever so that it will start like a fresh CalyOS
  • lock the bootloader

b) “Start from Scratch” - approach

  • factory reset
  • flash CalyxOS again
  • enable microG during setup on a clean way

Finally I need to transfer data from an FP2 (current phone of the Family member) to this FP4 but this is another story.

Feel free to share your thoughts

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No need to perform a factory reset, just flash Calyx again, choose microG during the first run setup and you’re good to go :slightly_smiling_face:

And yeah, fresh install, always!


Just to confirm here:

  • I just transfered my data to my new phone and
  • (as @hirnsushi suggested - thx again) re-flashed CalyxOS with the device flasher → just following the normal install description: Install on Fairphone 4
  • I also locked the bootloader this time (more save for the un-expierienced Family member) - I was a bit unsure and then the device flasher stopped already so I did it via:
    • fastboot flashing get_unlock_ability
      I got → (bootloader) get_unlock_ability: 1
    • and finally locked it via fastboot flashing lock
  • transferring the data (from the FP2 to the FP4) will probably be done via USB cable most (the messenger like WhatsApp and Signal have a nice Transfer to new Device functionality via WiFi - contacts are at google in their case anyway )
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They have? Thats new and interesting…how does it work in detail?

I only new Signals as well as WA local back-up function and manual saving to PC and from their to new device.

For Signal I just did it (CalyOS FP4 to my interims Phone FP3 DivestOS).
Works as described (my Signal container is 12GB btw.). But I also had the normal local backup at hand in case of issues. It took me 2 attempts to establish the Direct-WIFI between the devices but afterwards it went fine.

I though I made some screenshots, but I probably deleted them already again, but it is quite good described:

Just follow the Transfer from Android device variant. It creates a Wifi between the 2 devices and transfers the account including all messages (media stuff etc.). Final step is activating the Signal Account on the new phone, on the old one it is disabled then. Cannot be active on 2 phones (like Telegram or so)

WA to be tested (I don’t use it personally), but described here and sounds similar:

Ah found the pictures I took with the other devices and vice-versa
Source Phone (“old” Phone)

Target Phone (New Phone)

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Transfering Data to the locked bootloader Calyx FP4 from an FP2 (both not rooted) went well btw.

Some further infos:

  • Contacts where saved in the Google Account
    • microg was configured during CalyxOS initial setup
    • some contacts where just created locally so I had to fix that by export import
  • WhatApp worked fine - WA FAQ linked here Best way to cleanup FP4 + unroot + enable Microg + lock bootloader - CalyxOS - #5 by Smojo
  • Signal didn’t work directly and I finally used the backup method. The issue was that the versions were different (the one in the CalyxOS Repos was not up to date … witht the Wifi transfer method thes reason is not shown - error and it stops without further details → the backup method told me at the end and so I’m pretty sure that the wifi method would have worked as well if I knew that problem at the beginning)
  • Files (mostly pictures) I copied via USB cable (FP2 → Laptop → FP4)
  • SMS & Call-Logs I exported and imported via: SMS Import / Export | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository (transfered the files via USB again)
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