Best way to cleanup FP4 + unroot + enable Microg + lock bootloader - CalyxOS


my FP4 is currently:

  • running CalyOS
  • rooted with Magisk
  • and does not have microG installed

I would like to give it to a Family member and therefor I would like to:

  • clean it up (no need to discuss how to get my data backed up - consider all this as done)
  • unroot it / remove root
  • enable microG

So I was wondering what would be the best approach?

a) “modify the current installation” - approach

  • remove root (uninstall Magisk like I do before an OTA)
  • somehow enable microG (is it even possible afterwards, when I started without?)
  • safely clean everything up → idk e.g.: factory reset it or whatever so that it will start like a fresh CalyOS
  • lock the bootloader

b) “Start from Scratch” - approach

  • factory reset
  • flash CalyxOS again
  • enable microG during setup on a clean way

Finally I need to transfer data from an FP2 (current phone of the Family member) to this FP4 but this is another story.

Feel free to share your thoughts

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No need to perform a factory reset, just flash Calyx again, choose microG during the first run setup and you’re good to go :slightly_smiling_face:

And yeah, fresh install, always!