Best USB-C to Audio Jack Adapter for FP4

I got some AKG wired earplugs which are USB-C (came with a S20?) they work fine with FP4. Even control buttons work.

Those are the Samsung AKG earbuds, right?

Yes, they came included with the S20 (EE variant).

I just created an account to share that the Apple usb-c adapter isn’t playing nicely with my FP4. There is a persistent hiss/white noise when sound is playing (weirdly not when there is silence). I’ve tested the adapter with a set of Marshall Mode wired headphones, as well as my Sennheiser HD380 cans. The result is the same.

To find out what the culprit was, I tried to test several scenarios: The adapter produced the same white noise on another phone (ZTE Axon 7), but it produced an excellent sound on a laptop (Dell XPS). So I’m not sure what’s wrong here. The adapter is clearly not broken, but neither is the USB-C port of the FP4.

I will now order one of the other recommended adapters to test if they work.


Welcome to the forum and thanks for the input.

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Thanks amoun!

A further update: I’ve purchased the Sharkoon Mobile DAC (Sharkoon - Mobile DAC), in an effort to try out some other adapter which wasn’t listed here and therefore contribute to the knowledge base. It works (I added the info to the wiki), but it has a strong output, so headphones with a low impedance will have a high noise floor. The impedance of the Marshall Modes is 30 Ohms, and I found the background noise quite distracting. This is not the same on the Sennheiser HD 380 Pro, which has an impedance of 54 Ohms. Normally, I have to turn the volume on my phone way up to drive this headset, but with the Sharkoon DAC comfortable listening was at about 25%.

However, this doesn’t solve my issue either, as I use my Modes on the go. So on to the next USB adapter I guess. I’m missing the 3.5mm plug more than I expected. I also managed to scratch the screen on my brand new phone working with one of the adapters. So not so happy about it all.

EDIT: to further test my suspicion that the Sharkoon DAC is meant for high impedance headphones, I plugged it into my video editing PC, with the Marshall Modes. For comfortable listening, I had to turn the volume aaaaalllll the way down to 4% :sweat_smile: Even the Sennies didn’t require much, only 18%. So yeah, if you want to power your 300 Ohm headset, you could probably do it with this DAC. The audio quality is actually surprisingly good considering the size of the thing.


I have tried the Apple adapter. Unfortunately, it was so extremely quiet that it was virtually unusable.

In which use case and which headphones did you connect?

I also had that problem once I tried the adaptor myself.
I think it is something with the default volume setting for audio out on the USB C?

I bought the PD version of this one (Sharkoon mobile DAC PD). With my 250 Ohm Beyerdynamic DT770 pro’s it’s perfect. With my IEM’s the noise floor is just about audible at low volumes, but not overly so. Listening while charging results in audible clicking/plopping. It’s not super loud, but it’s there. I don’t think this could’ve been prevented easily, to be fair.

For the price I’m very happy. It’s noticeably better than any DAC I’ve had on a phone/laptop.

Compared to the non-PD version this one lets you charge while using the DAC, it has a mic preamp (that I haven’t tested and likely won’t use), it’s a bit bulkier but also doesn’t have a flimsy cable. There’s a built-in EQ as well, which lets you boost the bass, high, both or bypass it. I keep it off, but it works fine if you’re into that sort of thing.


Well, which use case should that have been?! :smiley: Music and podcasts.
I tried it with every pair of headphones available to me and the audio cable in the car.

It could have been video chat, handsfree phone calls, a high impedance HiFi headphone…

Third time’s the charm. I’ve ordered the Anker USB-C to 3.5mm adapter. It’s small, sturdily built (braided cord and all-metal build) and not too expensive at €16. The cord is much thicker in fact than those of the Sharkoon and Apple adapters.

And drumroll :drum: : no noise! In fact, the sound is very good. Oh, and the pause/play/skip button works. I have several peripherals from Anker and have never been disappointed in them :slight_smile: .

My aforementioned 54 ohms Sennheiser HD380 Pro are also very easily powered by this adapter. Volume is at about 50%.

Weirdly, Anker doesn’t advertise that they make these adapters. You can’t find as much as a mention of them on the Anker website. In fact, only the US & German Amazon stores seem to sell them :thinking:. The box it came in was utterly unremarkable, white with just the Anker logo and their slogan. They were apparently launched early last year, and look remarkably like the Ugreen adapter.

Oh well, I’m happy. I can wholeheartedly recommend these adapters to anyone looking to buy one.

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There are an important problem, I used to listening podcast with wired earphones and I can respond calls and video chats.
Then now you need to chose well, because with some DAC, you can not do this.

And then another problem it’s my DAC. It’s a 9038S unbalanced, from E1da, and needs a supply of energy from a external battery, because drains to much power, from the phone, and for example. The Iphone’s can’t work with this DAC, because the SO cuts the drain of power.
Then the FP4 can support the drain from a DAC?

Hey Community,

What with the FP4 USB-C to Mini Audio Jack Adapter appearing to be perpetually ‘temporarily out of stock’, I’m wondering if anyone is aware of an alternative USB-C to Mini Audio Jack Adapter that works with FP4. I’m a total Android noob, having been an iPhone user up until the very end of last year, and unwittingly bought a third party adapter last month without looking into it first. Needless to say, it didn’t work with my FP4 when it arrived. I’m guessing - as per the FP4 adapter spec - I need an adapter with a built in DAC chip.

Any advice/feedback appreciated.

Hi, I moved your post to this existing, in addition have look at this list


UGREEN charge-and-listen adapter audio doesn’t work, charging not tested

Check the recommendations here: ✏ FP4 List of USB-C to 3.5 Audio jack adapter

Fairphone’s own adapter is now available in the shop:

I seem to remember people kept reporting it was out of stock for a long time, so I thought this might be of interest here.


@urs_lesse How does it compare to the Apple Adapter ? I just bought it, should I send it back and buy the official fairphone adapter instead ?