Best Esim for FP4 to travel across Europe

Hi there,

I am a UK based fairphone 4 user. I am going to travel across Europe this summer (Belgium, Netherlands and Germany) and due to Brexit, I won’t have free-roaming anymore with Vodafone and I don’t want to pay hefty charges for data.

I was looking online for different esim that are compatible but was wondering if you can recommend any that would work fine for a few countries in Europe? I will need the subscription to check maps and information

I have never had a phone with a dual sim, will it affect my whatsapp and apps that I use with current UK number?

Thanks a lot in advance

If O2 UK do one then O2 as they have no roaming charges :slight_smile:

No (well, I don’t know about all “apps that I use with current UK number”, but for WA it won’t affect. It will still be connected to the phone number you used on first setup of WA. You even might remove the SIM from your phone and WA would continue to work as before).
Different story if you want to use an app (e.g. WA) with both (current and additional) phone numbers.


I’ve been looking into travel eSIMs as well and came across that covers most of Europe in the cheapest plan as far as I can tell.
It is not confirmed working on the wiki so far, though. If I read their return policy right, it might be possible to get a refund if you don’t manage to install the eSIM on your FP4.

Confirmed working is yesim, but the offer looks less attractive to me compared to the one above.