Beats headphone doesn't work with my new FP 2 (it did with my old FP2)

Dear all,

After my old FP2 died after a few months and I got a new one I tried to use my Beats Solo3. Bluetooth is working perfectly but the wired option doesn’t.

The sound works but the microphone doesn’t pick up anything. I tried to open the module and put it in again but that didn’t change anything.

I checked if Beats Solo3 is on the list below but it isn’t and also the link to easily measure if your headset is a AHJ=CTIA or not, doesn’t work.

The super weird thing is, this exact same headset worked with my old FP2 3 months ago. It also works with other android and iphones, but it didn’t work with a FP2 I tried of a friend?

Who can help me uncover this mystery?


did your paired your phone with your headset? or is it a forgotten thing? :slight_smile:

It is probably a problem with your headphone jack. Try to disassemble your top module, clean the contacts and put your phone back together. If that doesn’t work, try another headset with 4-contact jack and microphone, if it doesn’t work, too, ask support for a new top module.

If you know another Fairphoner or are willing to use our Fairphone Angels, you could insert another top module for testing before contacting support.


Hi Lubo, sorry what do you mean by pairing? Bluetooth is working fine but I didn’t know that I can pair the headset through a cable.

That is one thing I didn’t try yet, a module of another fairphone2 in my FP2. I did check my headset with another FP2 and it also did not work. Super weird.

sorry, it seems that i read only a half :frowning:

Did your old FP2 have the old flexible case? I’ve found that the new hard shell has a slightly worse design of the headphone socket, making some cables that worked fine with the old flexible case not plug in properly with the new case. Does the headphone work when you remove the case from the phone?


I used to have the transparent case but even without the current case (non transparent) the cable doesn’t work.


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