Battery with more capacity?

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Yesterday, in the Fairphone meeting we had in Basque Country, a woman that wanted to know more about Fairphone asked us a question we were not able to answer.

The information of the Fairphone battery is that it is 2420 mAh.
As this woman works all day with the mobile and uses it a lot, she asked if it is possible to integrate in the FP2 a battery of around 4000mAh.

So, my question here to the forum:
*Do you know if Fairphone offers more than one model of batteries?
*Would it be possible to incorporate in the FP2 a battery of other type of 4000mAh?

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No, Fairphone offers only one type of FP2 batteries. I haven’t heard of another battery type.

Yes, if someone produces it. (If the battery is bigger, then also a new case has to be produced.)

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To illustrate what a bigger battery would result in:

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Ok, thank you,

I would answer to her that “at the moment” she can only use the Fairphone battery of 2420mAh in a FP2, and if she needs more capacity, she would have to carry with her another battery in order to change it when the first one is empty.

Thank you!


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Hi, as an alternative she can buy a powerbank. With 20€ you can have a 11000m powerbank wich is 200 grams and will recharge the phone several times if needed.


Thank you very much for your support!

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