Battery usage plot is getting cut off

Sometimes the battery usage plot is getting cut off and doesn’t show all the data since the last charge. It basically shows only a few last minutes and the estimated remaining time.

It usually works for some time after the charge but then it randomly gets cut off:

This has already been mentioned in the Android 12 release topic:


This is a new one though:

And after a while:

Previously it at least showed more or less a complete list of usage. Now it manages to forget even that.

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Yes, this is getting silly. I currently have:

  • Uptime: 58 hours
  • Battery usage: 1h 15 mins, which in fact is the time since the last charging stopped.

The last charge reached 80%. I get the impression that has the effect of setting all battery usage info to 0.

There is a note, as shown in your screenshot, that usage is not measured when the phone is charging. I’ll have another look tomorrow if I remember.

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I charge overnight so it always starts (or should start) at 100% for me. But the plot only shows data from 90% or even less. :man_shrugging:

Does anyone also experienced, that the shown battery usage didn’t start at 100%?
On both pictures it’s about 12h ago, that I plugged it in somewhere, but it shows only the last 2h and 5h.
On the second picture, it also seems like the battery is going up for a short time.
A day before, i saw, that i gained 2% by taking the battery out and in again.

Support just told me to send it in, but since the battery still (can) last very long, i don’t want to do that.

Does anyone else has this problem? If yes, i would say its a bug in the OS and no hardware defect.

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I moved your post to an existing

Edit: just checked it and still seems to be odd after yesterday update

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And good to know, that this is a general bug!

I also noticed this behaviour on my FP4 running Android 12 based FPOS some time ago, and stumbled across this post when looking for similar experiences.

The plot sometimes seems to be cut off at points I cannot identify as a specific event. Other times it is reset after the charger is removed even though the phone wasn’t charged to 100%, but sometimes the charger can be disconnected without this effect. The latter behaviour may be correlated to the duration of charging or level of charge reached, but I haven’t collected enough data points to reach a definitive conclusion on that. Each reset appears to affect both the plot at the top as well as the list of apps below differently - at least the usage times do not always match the duration considered in the plot.

All in all this behaviour is quite annoying when trying to monitor battery capacity and charging behaviour over time in order to optimize battery life and energy consumption. Would be nice to see a fix for this at some point.

Here are some Screenshots from today:

(1) The charger was connected only shortly before this screenshot was taken. Three hours before that (at the start of this plot) no charger was connected or had been connected for some time. The Phone had been running for some time at that point. Also note that the usage times of particular apps do not fit the plotted timeframe (6h > 3h).

(2) This screenshot was taken after some time of charging. The charger was just disconnected.

(3) After closing and opening the setings window again the stats were reset.

(4) After some time of use, some stats were displayed again, starting at the point if reset with regards to the plot. This time the usage times if particular apps were reset as well.

(5) This is after I connected the charger…

(6) …and disconnected it again. This rather short connection to the charger did not reset any stats, even after closing and opening the corresponding settings window agaain.

Note that at no point during the timeframe covered by the screenshots the device was rebooted. For Reference, the current OS build on the device in question is FP4.SP2K.B.089.20230807.

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I’ve reported this to the beta issue tracker last month. No response since then.

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Since the Android 13 update, this got a bit better, at least in my case. I sometimes get this weird gap in the plot:

But after a while it returns back to normal:

However, the plot is no longer getting completely cut off. Can anynone confirm this?


I’ve also been keeping an eye on it since Monday and it’s the same here. The graph no longer resets but it usually has a gap. I hadn’t copped the gaps going away after a while, but actually I left the screen open as I was writing this comment and when I looked back down the gap had filled itself in!


I haven’t noticed any gap in the plot in the last few days, everything seems completely normal now. Maybe it just needed some time to settle down? Weird. :smiley:

I saw it on the FP5 yesterday, when I get the gap, there is also a noticeable slowdown on the device. So something is not going well. Will investigate with logcat some other time.

It seems that it’s back: