Battery usage plot is getting cut off

Sometimes the battery usage plot is getting cut off and doesn’t show all the data since the last charge. It basically shows only a few last minutes and the estimated remaining time.

It usually works for some time after the charge but then it randomly gets cut off:

This has already been mentioned in the Android 12 release topic:


This is a new one though:

And after a while:

Previously it at least showed more or less a complete list of usage. Now it manages to forget even that.

Yes, this is getting silly. I currently have:

  • Uptime: 58 hours
  • Battery usage: 1h 15 mins, which in fact is the time since the last charging stopped.

The last charge reached 80%. I get the impression that has the effect of setting all battery usage info to 0.

There is a note, as shown in your screenshot, that usage is not measured when the phone is charging. I’ll have another look tomorrow if I remember.

I charge overnight so it always starts (or should start) at 100% for me. But the plot only shows data from 90% or even less. :man_shrugging: