Battery Temporarily Out of Stock - Q&A

The problem is as we could experience with covers in the past already…as soon as something is out of stock prices start to rise into ridiculous hights…and these were “only” covers…now what will happen if most important components as batteries are out…


For a good reason I have ordered a second battery with my phone. Anyway they won´t last too long. So please FP team, please make sure to finally have a truely reliable manufacturer at hand which “was not” involved in S****ungs battery issue. I beliefe this would definitely be a show stopper for FP2 if things go seriously wrong here. Good luck and many thanks for your open words on this.

Just guessing:
Usually there is a penalty clause in the contracts.
So, if they delay the great order for a global player, they do not only risk losing that valuable customer, but they will have to pay a hefty fine.
If they delay a smaller order, the fine will be less (even if the clause is identical) and the customer they might loose is not as important.

Therefore such a decision can be expected (businesswise). :grimacing:


Thanks for the explanation but I had hoped the new battery would have resolved the problems of the current one; my 2nd battery is now really finished (it lasts around 6 hours only, meanwhile), so this is not a production failure but a design failure.

If FP cannot deliver high quality batteries for its phone, it would be great to know which other company can step in. I hope you were aware of the problems with the current batteries when you ordered the new ones? Spec can be spec but the important things is whether they perform!

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Whoops !! No spare batteries until April 2018 from Fairphone :frowning:

You can get a battery from one of the #resellers.


Thanks. I checked the list and in the UK it’s the Phone Coop but they have no batteries in stock. My phone still works - I was just a bit worried as there is a slight dent to the corner of the battery. I guess I’ll wait until April when they’re back in stock with Fairphone.


You still could check with other stores in the EU, that ship EU-wide. Right now (before Brexit :wink: ), there is no tax and customs on shipments to UK. (And my guess would be, it will remain that way.)

Did you get your battery yet? I’m in a similar position of having no working phone until I get a new battery and not sure what to do. still has some it seems.


Fairphone 2 batteries delivery update

Due to a delay in production, we need to let you know that the Fairphone 2 batteries will be back in stock a bit later than planned. Based on our current estimates, you’ll be able to order them again from the second week of May.

So what’s causing the delay? During the last months, we started working with a whole new supply chain for the Fairphone 2 battery packs, and the battery pack integrator needed to make some last minute adjustments on the tools to ensure that the newly produced packs would comply with our specifications. This happened just before the Qingming festival in China, which caused an additional delay. The latest lot will be finished and sent to the Netherlands in the coming weeks.

We know these delays are disappointing, and we sincerely apologise for the inconvenience. We’re working hard to ensure you get this critical component as soon as possible. You’ll hear from us again as soon as the batteries are back in stock.


Many thanks for this update, although it may not be very satisfying for some users in urgent needs.

The specific battery availability problems after some time spoiled the fun with FP1, now FP2 is affected as well.

Meanwhile there were no displays available too.

Almost each week someone in this forum opens it´s intention to leave this FP movement for different reasons which is not convincing for potential customers who are still within their decision phase.

This proves how crucial a functional supply chain is in this business. Until now I could mainly realize that key component from other phone manufacturers were revised in advance preventing out of stock situations.


Good news: Fairphone 2 batteries are back in stock on our website!

We’re sorry it took so long - we know you’ve been waiting for a while and we’re really grateful for your patience. And because the wait was long enough, we’ve speeded up the delivery: once your payment has been confirmed, your battery will be shipped to you on the next business day.


I wholeheartedly support Fairphone.
So please forgive me, when I say, that I would not “brag” about this, as I have the impression that in our current days of permanent online-shopping most buyers expect that to be the case. And up to this posting right now, I had this impression with shopping at Fairphone too, as all my orders / replacement covers arrived really, really fast within a week (international order). Unvoluntarily you just made me doubt my impression there. :wink:
It’s no problem for me, as I am the patient kind, but probably some customers feel different about this.

Hi Bert,
I would not call this ‘bragging’, but more general information that’s part of the FAQs.


Link is dead here:

To be clear: It was working earlier (but isn’t anymore).

Thanks for the heads up! Should be working now, it was a server cache issue.


Seems like the battery page is down again:

Works for me. I’m closing this topic now as the battery being temporarily out of stock is over.
If you still have this issue please open a new topic.

If the battery is ever out of stock again the discussion continues here: