"battery temperature too low" warning at room temperature and above

it startet in Sambia while there was a temperature of 35 Celsius outside. The phone shows the message "low battery temperature ", after that, I have to choose between “dismiss” and “snooze”. Then, the phone shuts itself down. That happens everywhere, in my apartment or outside, so that makes no sense to me. Of curse, I don’t have warranty anymore since November 23.

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That sounds like a strange problem to have at 20+ °C. Here is a thread where that happend but it was actually cold:

There is certainly a temp sensor in the battery. It could be faulty. Do you have a chance to test with another battery? Else contacting support (contactsupport) about this can’t hurt as this forum is not regularly monitored by Fairphone staff.

Edited to add: I realize that you don’t have warranty any more. But support might still be able to give you some insights into what the problem might be.
Also, I edited your topic title to convey some more relevant information. If that’s not OK for you, please just change it as you see fit.

Hello, forgive me nagging but the FP4 has not been available before 2021 and there has been an extended warranty for five years available.
Have you decided not to register it or were there any other limitations I might not be aware of?

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I can’t remember if I registered the phone.

That is a valid point! But if it’s indeed the battery, then it’s likely not under warranty any more. A new battery would be an easy fix in that case, though.

@huckabuck I suggest you find out if you still have warranty or not. Support might also be able to help with that if you can’t find the information yourself.

If you did, there should be an email confirmation.
Of course I don’t know if you clean your inbox that thoroughly to delete this, but it might worth having a look

So, I ordered a new battery, problem solved. Interesting fact, the old battery don’t fit as tight in the phone than the new one. I don’t know if a battery can become smaller or if this difference was there all the time.


Good to hear that it was “only” the battery and thanks for the update!

My guess is that there were variations in the production process. Maybe something got revised. I’m not aware of any process by which a battery pack would shrink, either. Usually they only get bigger and/or hotter… :wink:

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