Battery running low extremely fast

Hi! I have had my FP 1U (I think) for approximately 1 year and something really annoying started happening yesterday. I put my phone on charge when it was at about 5% over night so that it would be 100% on the morning. When I woke up it was on 100% and I watched some videos on YouTube, but I got interrupted by the “You have 15% left” warning after using the phone for maybe 1 hour, not more. My FP can usually go all the day with severall hours of usage before reaching low %. After I got warned I put the phone to charge while I ate breakfast and when I got back, maybe 30 minutes later it was on 100% again, so i tried to use it again, but the battery drained almost 1% in 30-40 seconds when I used it. If someone knows the solution for this problem and if it can be fixed or not, please, answer!! I can’t go through a whole school day without the phone running out of battery, even if i’m not using it!

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