Battery problems (wrong charging status / battery might be dying)

:uk: No, you can’t buy the FP battery in Vienna. You can only order it in the shop.

:de: Man kann die FP-Batterie nur im Shop bestellen.

I noticed that the battery only drains from 15% to 0%, when the screen is on. When it’s off the battery doesn’t seem to drain (the phone is still on when checking after some minutes).

Can someone confirm this behavior?

Edit: It could be that it’s the display, which causes the battery drain.

No. My battery is one step further: drains regularly to 60% drops to 30% in some minutes and then dies.

I ordered a new one (1 year for a battery. None of my previous phones did it that fast. At that rate I expect that I’ll have to order 2 more batteries during the life-time of the phone. This messes up the ecological footprint of the FP)


My FP also starts at higher percentages with draining, but the question was if it makes a difference if you keep the screen off?

My battery seems to bloat.
I stopped using my phone, i only turn it on once a day to check messeges.
I think its the reason why my battery was draining so fast.
I submitted a ticket last friday, but no response so far.
I tried to call the support desk, but no one is picking up the phone.

I strongly suggest the people who’s battery is draining fast to check if their battery isn’t bloating or not.

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Hope, they reply soon! Also check Battery bloated for further reference. According to a quote from FP’s warranty policy you need to prove that the bloated battery is a manufacturing defect (e.g. through a photo).

So if you have not attached a photo to your support request, you should do so, to ensure that your request is processed as fast as possible.

Thanks Stefan, i already spoke with a FP employee and there sending a new battery right now.

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Just adding my voice and screenshots to the crowd. It feels like this started happening to me once I’d updated to 1.8. Once the better gets below about 50% a restart can cause the batter to show ~10% which then drains extremely quickly. Once it powers off, plugging a charger in till immediately bring it back with a chunk of charge!

You can see where I retarted the phone and had the % drop from about 50% to 10%. That then drained down to 1% and stayed there for a while. Once it finally failed, a 1 min charge restarted the phone with +10% again!

This one was me turning off the phone, putting it to charge for a bit then turning it back on. The battery level spiked from around 15% to 80% very very quickly.

My phone’s charge indication not only sometimes drops very fast into single digits until switching off itself at 3%, I also often experience it stuck when charging. For example last night I put it on the charger, it went from 3 to 18% and remained there for the rest of the night. Then, other times, it charges like others have described, with the indication jumping suddenly from ~14 to 50-70%. This behavior has started only recently, long after the 1.6 update…

Hi everybody…

I can’t stand it anymore.

I charge my phone 3 times a day and still can’t use it for a whole day. This morning battery droped from fully charged to 0% in two hours (!!!) and I didn’t even use it… just unlocked it once or twice.

This is intorelable… I don’t trust the indication, I don’t know when my phone’s charged and of course I can’t rely on it during the day as I have a lot of (bad) surprises.

I really need some help with it. Is it the battery or the phone problem? is there anyway to make it better?

PS my phone is first edition.

@evidemment - This really isn’t usual behaviour. How infuriating! My opinion is that it could well be a battery problem and you should contact support directly to organise a replacement as soon as possible.

In fact the battery is bloated!!! It’s only after reading the equivalent
article on fairphone site that I realised that the case didn’t fit any more
and that the back cover was popped…

So I took the battery off and waiting. I’m back to my Samsung mobile

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No bloating on my battery but check out this battery life:

5hrs 50mins of useful life, of which about 2 and a half hours the phone was in my pocket with the screen off. (I was in the cinema!)


I just received my new battery…! My life has changed!

Fully charged this morning at 8:00 it’s 15:00 and I’m 72%!!! I even played Frozen for a while!!!


Even if your battery is not bloated I think you should change it… changed everything for me.

Do you think they give you a warranty ticket, if you can’t actually see that there is a manufacturing defect?

Has anyone gotten a warranty ticket with a non-bloated battery?

I don’t know, it’s worth trying but normally batteries aren’t covered by warranties.

I know there are some topics about battery problems but i didn’t find any answers in any of them. My battery goes down very quickly. It’s been going on for a few days now. This morning i got up around 08:00 am with a 100% battery, half an hour later it was 92% without using it, if i use it i can practically see the percentage drop. Now, almost 4 hours later, my FP is at 45%. Does someone know how to solve this?

Some background info:

  • It didn’t occur right after the update but i do use Kola Nut 1.8.
  • I had the 14% bug and the 15% to 1% in seconds bug but those are gone.
  • I use Juice Defender and followed some of the tips to lengthen the life of my battery.
  • My FP doesn’t always charge. Sometimes when the red light is on and the phone indicates it’s charging i see that after some hours the battery just drained. I already filled in a repair form but i’m still waiting to send my phone cause i got no replacement and the problem doesn’t always occur.

There are a lot of answers, but no solution yet! :wink: You can be sure, that if we knew, what to do, there would have been a solution posted!

For now, the best thing is to wait until the battery bloats and then request a warranty ticket from Fairphone.

This might also be interesting: Charging does not work properly.

So this is a symptom of a bloated battery? I shall wait before that happens to return it with the repair form.