Battery KO, phone heat, and reboots

Hi FP gurus
I’m about to throw in the towel with my FP2 due to my problems.
there are lot of tags with battery problems : I did everything.
Without connecting my phone charger, my battery last 1hour !
I don’t use wifi, neither GPS.
My Bluetooth do not work neither.

The phone is getting very hot.
Often, when i’m writing a message (SMS or whatsapp) the Phone reboots instantly!
sometimes it reboots by itself when it’s charging.

Today I’m doing a reboot recovery from ZERO.
I didn’t see a clear solutions in all the topics of this forum.
My FP2 is from 07/2017 (replacement )
My Battery is from 08/2018.

I bought my FP2 550€, I really believed in the project, as I did my pre command 1year before receiving the phone, but i’m kind of desperate,
as My phone is not working properly.

is there a hope to got it fixed ?

Care to elaborate? If you tell us what you tried already we can tell you what you can still try. Otherwise how can we? Generally a good place to start would be the troubleshooting tool

That means you still have warranty on the hardware so you can get it replaced/repaired for free by support.

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Hello Paula,
I did checked the troubleshooting tool:
It seems that my battery is defective, but I had the same problem with my old battery until august , then I ordered a new one.
So my actual battery is 2months old !

A part from the tr.tool:
I tried to charge the phone using different cables, different chargers, through USB/PC.

What else can I do ?

Take all cards (SIM, SD) out and boot to #dic:safemode. If the battery seems to work normally then, boot normally again still with the cards removed. If everything still works a card (most likely a SIM card) is at fault. If the battery works well in safe mode with all cards inside then the problem is probably caused by an app or other software issue (last resort would be a #dic:hardreset).
If neither works it’s probably a hardware issue. Where is the phone getting hot? If it’s on the bottom the issue might be the battery or bottom module. If it’s on the top it’s likely the core module, top module or camera module.
#disassemble the phone, take out the modules and clean the connectors. Maybe it’s just dirt between the contacts causing the heat and battery drain.
Also check out the #batteryguide and - since you also have reboots - the #rebootsguide for more tips.
If nothing else helps you’ll need to contact support for a repair/replacement. Don’t forget to tell them everything you tried already.

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I to am feeling a bit frustrated. I truly believe and love the ethics for FP. I have not yet had mine one year. I had to send it in because the microphone stopped working. Now the battery is lasting maybe an hour. It won’t charge whilst on. So I have to switch it off to charge, then switch it back on, it lasts about half an hour and then I have to start all over again. This has only happened today. I will be contacting my FP provider on Monday regarding this. So will probably be back on my reliable, not so ethically Microsoft phone, whilst this is sorted. I would have thought a battery should last longer than a year.

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