Battery issues since replacement

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We replaced the battery with a new one. Since then the FP2 runs really hot, the battery does not even run for a day and recharging takes ages.

Any idea what it could be? Faulty battery?

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Do you still have the old battery and does it work, so you can test if the issue really is with the new battery?
Is the new battery sitting tightly in the frame or can you move it around a bit? If it can move fold a little piece of paper a few times and put it in the gap below the battery, so as to press it against the contacts. Another piece of paper on the left side may also be a good idea.

If things don’t improve and you can’t be sure it’s linked to the new battery search for apps that might be active in the background, see if your SIM card might be old and deserves a replacement and see if you might have a connectivity issue - constantly trying to connect to a mobile network with a low signal takes a lot of energy.

About the heat in general: The phone getting hot while it’s busy is quite normal. If it gets too hot it will shut down/reboot on it’s own. As long as that doesn’t happen often there is nothing to worry about. Unless it gets so hot it’s hard to touch and it won’t shut down. Then the heat sensors might be broken.


I have exactly the same problems with the original battery of my FP2 (purchased January 2018). Sometimes, the battery even discharges faster than it charges while plugged in. It does not move around in the case and I always close all active apps before I put my phone away.

I experience battery issues myself, but with a ~15 months old battery. Basically it discharges really quickly, even if just idling with the screen off. Some battery statistics app thingie says it is around 1450 mAh charge from it’s original 2400 mAh. Can’t say how accurate that actually is, but yea.

I have to mention that I’m on LineageOS 15.1. Don’t think that’s causing an issue, but who knows.

Just now I also had a strange phenomenon happen. Battery was at 76%, phone rebooted itself and after that the battery was at 16%. When I restarted the phone then, it was at 45%. Really strange. I’m glad they have a power socket in the train I’m in. :smiley:

Maybe someone has an idea what could be the cause. There shouldn’t be any apps running that drain the battery either, I’ve checked. I’ll definitely order a new battery in a bit and hope that fixes it.

I don’t know if I have new or original battery in my FP2, because it was at fixing when it didn’t charge and when it came back (maybe I’m just imagining that it started after that) all problems like those above in this chat. Or I feel like they started after that. The phone does heat up REALLY fast. Also when it’s plugged in I try to charge it, if I use something like snapchat for example it doesn’t charge, the battery percents are just going down and down. Really annoying. And most annoying is that in six hours school day… I use phone few minutes in those 15minutes breaks which I have 5-7 and when I come home I have perhaps 37% - 2% battery left. I shouldn’t go empty that fast, should it?

Anyone any advices?

Thanks already :slight_smile:
I also got problem with microphone (it’s worser than the battery thing) help with that? (People can’t hear me talking at phone but I hear them, microphone doesn’t work rith anything exept filming with back camera)

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