Battery - how to treat to expand lifetime (Optimal Charging Tips)

AFAIK there should be a charge controller, so when you leave the charger connected and battery is full the charging is stopped automatically.

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So I saw the following article:

…and it got me thinking about how the Fairphone 2 has been touted to last between 5-7 years thanks to its sturdiness and modular upgradeability.

Now, obviously that’s not any kind of universal guarantee for anyone given the seemingly chaotic and random nature of the universe around us. But it seems a lot of problems (like the ones described above) could be easily solved by keeping in mind some tips and tricks from experienced users.

(As opposed to another solution from the same website: backing a kickstarter for a $23-36 ‘smart charger’ that will simply stop charging the phone when it reaches 100%.)

So what sort of stories and advice do people have about making your Fairphone - or any phone - last as long as it possibly can?

If you want to know everything about batteries, and how to use them “perfectly” , i recommend you this website :smile:

It’s a bit long to read, but super interesting !


Just to contribute some experience with my spare battery:
I bought it in June 2015 (delivered 30 June) and stored it 100% charged (I am aware this is not recommended) in my refrigerator door around mid-July. I now took it out of the fridge last night to use it for one cycle (and out of curiousity :wink: ) and found the charging status was 94%.

I am aware the charging status might not always be totally reliable. I’ll post here again when the charge is used up so I can give a better picture of how long the charge actually still held.


More for the fun of it rather than for any signifant conclusion, here are my charging cycles since I started using my semi-year fridge-stored backup battery. Cycles #2 and #3 were outright disappointing, although it is most likely that usage patterns (e.g. being connected to WLAN for almost a whole day) significantly deviating from my previous habits contributed a lot to the short duration. By now, the duration I get out of the battery are nearly identical to my first battery (I tend to think it might still be perhaps 5% less than the first battery). But then again I probably do use my FP1U a bit more intensively nowadays than when I would get peak durations of up to 11 days out of my first battery.

17-01-2016   —>     25-01-2016       —>        29-01-2016       —>        04-02-2016       —>       14-02

14-02-2016   —>     23-02-2016       —>        04-03-2016       —>        14-03-2016       —>       22-03*

*only 93% loaded on 14-03-2016

22-03-2016   —>     02-04-2016       —>     13/04


Today I switched back to my original battery. After a little more than 5 months in the fridge door, it shows 99% remaining on starting.


Bonjour, et après 5 mois au frigo la batterie est-elle performante ? Tient elle la charge ?