Battery Fairphone2


anyone to sell the battery for FP2?
Thank you.


They appear to be available officially from Fairphone.

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I have some left, cant say much about the health.
dm when interested

Just to bring attention to this sentence of the #market template:

Be aware, that cross-border shipment of batteries outside a phone is virtually impossible for individuals.


Did you try a #dic:kickstart to see if that’s helpful. With a kickstart the software of the battery is reset.

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Thank you. At least some battery life health. Where are you based?

I am sorry, do not understand. Is it some app?

I live in Germany

Regards Chris

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It may be useful to know that batteries have a limited lifespan - after a certain period of use, they start to become less and less powerful, so even if you can get a secondhand battery, its use will be limited and it’ll perform worse and wear out a lot sooner than the original one. If you can spare the money, it’s definitely worth getting a brand new battery from FP (like @amoun already suggested above).


No, it a page on this forum. Here is a better link



Hehehe, good one! Thank you. Really did work! After 10min of kicking with empty battery phone, result: 52% after the swith on :smiley:


OK, let me know the price and if you are willing to send me to Praha (CZ), I would appreciate it. I can send money via EUR bank transfer.

Ahoj @Bergziege, if you have more than one that you want to sell I may be interested too. Then I’m also ready to share a shipment with @kubeti. (If not too late)

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Yes, you are definitely right and I bought same “died” battery as I have. Experience for next time. Thank you.

No, do not buy it. The are ready for a rubbish as mine.

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Hi, yes they ariived, thank you. Even they are dead as mine. Best, Jakub.

Anyway, thanks for this thread where we learn how to give back a bit of life to old batteries.

reminder: Dictionary Entry: Kickstart


sorry to hear that :frowning:

Just a word of warning to those in search of batteries. Avoid buying new ones that aren’t originals. This topic

seems to indicate that at least one unofficial spares manufacturer (vhbw) got the design wrong, so the battery fits badly and is difficult to extract :frowning_face:

Well, I guess you should know that…