Battery dies in hours after latest Software upgrade

Hi there!
Last week I upgraded to the newest OS version and, as a consequence, I have been noticing the battery dies real fast even if the phone is in my pocket. Is this a happening to someone else? Could it be a bug?
My battery is 3 years old going to 4, so it wasn’t great anyways, but this is a little too much.
Would it be useful to buy a new battery if the issue persists?
Thank you and happy equinox or christmas or whatever you celebrate and an awesome 2020!

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Is the phone running hot? Can you tell us which apps are using a lot of power (Settings > Battery)?

I’ve had battery issues after an update that were resolved after a factory reset - so that’s worth trying before getting a new battery.


Hi rmf,
Thanks for your reply.
The phone is not running hot and when I checked the apps running, the one that showed up first in the list is the screen. I need to continue monitor it further but it doesn’t seem to me a problem with many apps running (usually I have Chrome, Whatsapp and Outlook open).
In case I need to do one, how is a factory reset done, please?
Thanks again,

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A factory reset is done through Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset. Drastic of course, but it’s a pretty reliable solution to all Android problems.

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Thanks again for your help, rmf!
Happy New Year :slight_smile:

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