Battery charging settings

A common strategy to preserve long battery life in devices is to set up charging rules so that it will only be charged to e.g. 60-80% capacity and not beyond that unless specifically requested. I’ve found that many Android phones seem to really want to destroy their batteries and don’t contain simple software settings to accomplish this while keeping the phone plugged in through the day. Does the Fairphone?

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In answer to another thread I wrote the following:

Welcome to the forum: the short answer is not with default OS. The long answer is you probably could have found this by searching the forum :slight_smile:


OH! and while I was dawdling the above post :slight_smile:

I did search and the only stuff I could find with obvious keywords was some overall battery charging guide which wasn’t helpful.

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Hello. I use Battery Charge Limit application , but it needs root rights. Before that I used to use a macro with MacroDroid that sent a notification when the battery dropped below 20% or was already 80% charged, but you had to plug and unplug the charger. For information, on my FP4 I’m always in battery saving mode, I get about 2 days of autonomy and I’m quite satisfied

Yes, the answer is “not with default OS”.

But this could change un the future : on my other phone (A42 5G), the feature (limit to 85% charge) appeared with the Android 12 upgrade.

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I use the app AccuBattery for limiting the charging. This app works without root permission.

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The app only gives some notifications for you to manually disconnect it, right?

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For Pixel phones

That behavior is changing with Android 12 which is welcome news for users that use Adaptive Charging. With Android 12 Beta 4, which was introduced to testers last week, Pixel phones will now fast charge to 80 percent and camp out at that charge state.

Great that there’s some hope, but seems strange to me that there’s no proper controls for that. Like 85% is better than 100%, but I really would expect basic ability to control it myself. E.g. because for me the phone is basically 24/7/365 on the desk on a charger I would prefer 60% unless I explicitly tap some button to say “now I want you to charge up to full”.

Not sure why you would keep it on charge 24/7

If that is important then rooting and using an app may serve you better.

Because I don’t see why I should constantly worry about the battery level when it can be easily solved by software. Software based notifications also don’t stop it from being charged to 100% during the night. Rooting breaks a lot of things I need.

Looks like is a universal rootless option, will probably try and order a few and see how it works. Still feels pretty stupid for something that should be pretty trivial for anyone to develop on the OS level where battery charging is controlled and necessary data is easily available.

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Fairphone have to undergo 500,000 tests for via Google for each Android OS version etc. so changing the default is not a simple matter I imagine :frowning:

Yes, it makes a sound to warn you to disconnect.

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FP4 iode V3 allows you to decide max charge settings. It also allows you to choose when the battery starts charging when connected to a charge capable connection. As I wrote earlier, mine is set to max charge of 85%, and set to start charging when the battery falls below 60%. The bootloader is locked.


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