Battery charging issues & dropped calls

Hello all,

Have loved my FP3 - especially after encountering a fair few issues with my FP2 over the 4 years I had it - but sadly I have had my first 2 issues with the new phone and wondered if anyone had experienced similar issues?

1 - Battery doesn’t charge properly- I think this is to do with the bottom component but am alone in this? I have used a number of different cables to confirm it isn’t that but the phone does charge if I lean it so the cable is deep in. Anyone else had this? (I may need to replace the bottom section).

2- Phone Call drop out - This was my major issue with my FP2 and it has actually happened 3 times with the new one where I will be on a call and then the phone will restart. It has only happened with one number - which is an O2 number so I wondered if it was to do with that but I don’t know enough to know if that is possible…

Be great to know if anyone has experienced similar issues.


Just seen that some people have had the shutdown issue too

and no fix as of yet…

Hi Peach,

not sure what you mean by “lean”.

What kind of charger and cable do you have, original Fairphone accessories or something else? Is there any dust in the USB-C plug on your cable or the phone. The FP3 Troubleshooter says

Another thing you want to check is the USB port on your Fairphone 3. Make sure it is not too dirty or full of lint

Fairphone also has a detailed guide on charging your phone at

Good luck!


Did you contact a #fairphoneangel to test a working spare part? Are you still under warranty? In which case you should contact Fairphone support because it could be a factory defect.
But before this, you should indeed try @teezeh’s tips.

As you indeed said, there is this thread about reboots during calls.
I didn’t read the thread, but seeing your problem, you could suppress the contact with which you have problems and see if your phone still reboots. If it doesn’t, you can also try to add the contact again and see if it still works.

Not in fairphone, but I had such charging issue on a different phone model. It only charges when I keep the phone stand on the charging cable after plugging. Finally, I found that charging port is loose and that’s why it happens. hope this will be some sort of hint for your problem.

Thank you everyone for the advice. I’m going to try and open it up and look inside as I think it may be an issue with the bottom part. But I wanted to ask if everyone else’s charger doesn’t fit in as much? I’m sure mine used to go in flush…

(I’ve looked in to see if there is anything in there but I can’t seem to find anything)

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