Battery charging is not working properly

I have a strange issue. Very often my Fairphone does not charge. It just maintains the battery percentage from the moment I connect it to the charging cable. I have to reboot my fairphone and then it works properly.

But there are more problems. After a reboot my battery percentage very often drops dramatically. It goes for example from 90% before to 15% after reboot. Sometimes when I do a reboot, it completely turns off and cannot be turned on until I connect it to a charger. Strangly it recharges very quickly to 100% in this case.

And a third problem is that from time to time the batterry drains very quickly. I used to be able to fix that by rebooting my fairphone, but now very often it just turns off when I try to reboot.

My question is, do you think a new battery could fix these issues or is it maybe a problem with the charging part?

You seem to describe two (possibly related) issues: not charging and poor battery performance.
These are both extensively discussed here:

In a number of cases this is linked to a bloated battery. If you notice that your battery is expanding in the middle, or is otherwise deformed, shut down your phone and remove the battery immediately and then continue following instructions here.


Yes, you’re right. I have a bloated battery. I was already wondering, why the back cover doesn’t fit properly anymore. Thanks for your help, I contacted the support!

Battery is driving me a bit mad seemed to go wrong after update in may 2015 charges up then can cut out . When taken out at 97% placed back in drops to nill. Full battery seems to indicate only 4 hrs on the phone what to do ?

This seems similar to my problems manifested after may 2015 update any progress so far?

I have a bit of the same problem. After the update in May my battery is dying very quickly. It maximum lasts half a day and than its dead.
When I charge, it goes very quickly to 100%, but sometimes it drops right after disconnecting the phone from the charger.
In other cases the battery percentages is shown and changes very quickly to less, or more.

I checked the battery and it is not bloated, I think. The backcover fits properly, but the battery is a little but loose inside. It wiggles a little bit when I press on the battery.Furthermore it is not thicker as usual (or maybe a little bit, that I don’t see the difference).

Will a new battery solve the problem, or is it something else?

If you’re unsure about whether the battery is bloated, try doing a spin test (if it spins, contact support). See the wiki post A little Guide to … Fairphone’s Battery (FP1 / FP1U) for a link to a video, if required. This page also contains other useful battery-related info, including a procedure to reset the battery firmware. For further discussion, I would recommend the topics linked in the second post.