Battery bloated

I bought mine on ifixit. Its the original FP battery. Maybe you can find the store in the US or they can ship to the US from here: http://eustore.ifixit.com/en/Parts/Android-Parts/Fairphone/Fairphone-FP1U-Battery.html

It just checked and it seems they only ship within Europe but maybe you can talk to them - who knows.


hey, my battery is bloating aswell. been 16 months now since i have the phone and id say this is not tolerable. my iphone 3 lasted 5 fucking years. yes. apple. 5. and it would have done more if the fairphone hadnt come out :wink:

how do i file for warranty cause i think it should be done this way (i ordered a new battery already, cause i cant not use the phone: order number: 300017253 )


You need to direct this to the support team. The forum is only populated by fellow FP users like you and me. :wink:

Click here to file a new request! Be sure to include your order number so FP support is aware of it and you don’t have to pay extra.

Edit: Also include a photo in your request, to prove that your battery is bloated. This will speed up the process.

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i too was unfortunate to have a bloated battery. first i noticed that it was drained quick than that the lid did not close. then i googled and found this forum.

on Sunday i send in a request with the fairphone service desk with photo’s of my battery.
on Monday morning i got friendly reply. i had to fill out 2 forms on for investigation and one for a new battery
some hours later there was an order of 0€ for a new battery
Tuesday holland had a free day but i did get a tracking code for gls and could see my battery arrived in Amsterdam
on Wednesday 15:00 i recived my battery and could use my phone again :smiley:

thanks fairphone!


Maybe it is time to reach out for more people and include this topic in a Blog or Monthly Newsletter or something? I wonder how many people out there do not realize how serious a bloated battery can be. What do you think @Sietse?


I would also add an image :smiley:


I totally understand you, but so far there is no real plans for this.
I will take this up with communications.

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Hi everyone!

My Fairphone is also affected by this issue. Its battery has suddenly started to lose its capacity a few weeks ago (it only lasts for a few hours now) and – as I just noticed after opening the back case – has begun to bloat. I even had trouble to reattach the back lid properly.

Here are some images how it looks right now (it’s getting worse I guess):

I didn’t handle my phone in any improper way and used regular equipment and schedule while charging the battery (avoiding overloading, draining it to 0%, etc.). I can’t detect any fault on my end and noticed that the Fairphone team has filed a known issue for this situation here: https://fairphone.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/203321199-Trouble-with-battery-it-seems-to-be-swelling

I hope I get a replacement ASAP as I don’t have a replacement phone at hand right now and feel really uncomfortable charging the device, let alone keeping it next to my body…

Everyone who is also affected will find further information on how to proceed in the link to known issues.

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Hi at all, I have read about the problem within lithium batteries and think it is exactly what happens to the FP batteries: the dendrites. I did look up an article about the issue here: https://newscenter.lbl.gov/2013/12/17/roots-of-the-lithium-battery/

Since my battery is loosing capacity I wanted to buy a new one. But there seem to be none left. Following @m2u_germany’s link it says out of stock, and on the Fairphone store there are only chargers and cases. Is there a possibility left to buy new batteries?

You need to contact the Fairphone Team via support. Only they can tell you if there are batteries left.

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Had a bloated battery, too. My story ended in a very satisfying way:

Friday May 29th:
Late at night my bloated battery pops off the back cover of my Fairphone. I figure this is a serious issue, find this forum thread, write a mail to Fairphone and get an automatic response.

Monday June 1st:
I receive a personal mail from the Fairphone people along with a form that I have to fill out, sign manually, scan and return.

Friday June 5th:
I send back the form (in the days in between I was distracted by other tasks, just my ‘fault’ not to return the form earlier).

Tuesday June 9th
The new (and free of charge) battery is in my mail.

Once more - pretty satisfying!


Hi All

I think I have a record bloater here - I had put aside my Fairphone in a box as it stopped charging 5 months ago. This is what I found today - I think this explains why it stopped charging…


:warning: Be very careful with this battery!!! It might explode and cause damage to you!!! See:

Send your above picture to Fairphone and demand a replacement battery (here is info on how to do so).


I have the same problem. I hope I’ll be helped as fast as the others. Cause it is not easy to live without a fairphone for a while. My battery is bloated as well…

Hi all
I just have currently the same experience. Bloated battery, the phone doesn’t work anymore.I contacted Fairphone support, they asked for a pic and the serial number of the battery - I sent this to them - afterwards complete silence since 2 weeks!! I need the mobile for my own business. Batteries are sold out in the Fairphone shop. I tried hard to find another type of battery which would fit to the Fairphone - haven’t found any. Now I just had to buy another mobile. There is NO NO information about when they will be able to supply replacement batteries. I’m deeply disappointed - this is a no go to treat customers


Peter, I think you should try to call. Also, let’s see if we can summon @joe here - he’ll help, I hope.

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Hi @peterpeter,

I’m really sorry to hear this. We do not want to treat Fairphone owners in this way. I don’t know what happened in this instance, but I have alerted our support team who will respond to you by private email today.

Sincere apologies again and I hope we can improve our support processes so these kinds of incidents do not happen again.



Hey everyone, this is my battery right now:

Please get the Battery back into stock immediately. Even though I can and I am willing to rapair my phone, Fairphone is hindering me to do so. Against your concept, isn’t it?

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Send the picture to support. I believe they removed the battery from the spare parts shop to have enough left for warranty issues, which your case definitely is.


Just adding my name here to the list of people suffering from a bloated battery, waiting for a reaction from the support team…