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I have a FP4 with Tele2 Sweden as mobile operator. I get really bad signal strength at home and even though I have two out of four pins people still have a hard time hearing what I’m saying.
My wife has a Sony with Telia Sweden as operator and with the same graphical signal strength, two pins, and she has no problems talking or receiving phone calls.
I have to keep the phone near a window to even make calls at home. Anyone here with the same issue and how did you solve it?
I have been laborating with 4G/5G and different network types but it did not help. I have a signal strength of -115 dB and 25 asu when the phone is literally attached to the window frame with a magnet. That’s the only way I can make it work at home, and with a wireless bluetooth headset.

This is my work phone and I have been making the case that this is such a great phone because you can repair it and the OS is free and respects your privacy, using /e/OS.

Please help me solve this issue.



I’m also Swedish, and I have both 3 and Tele2 as my mobile operators. It’s not as bad as you describe it for me, but there have definitely been scenarios where I’ve been at a pub and I get 0 pins and my friend with a Pixel 3 has 2 or more bars.

I have yet to find a solution unfortunately.

Hi, the pins aren’t standardized from a phone builder ton another.

I’ll had that you can get 2 pins on the only band received (generally 800 or 700MHz) and the other phone on a higher one (1800 or 2100) while the lowest is also received and stronger (with 3 or more pins).

Sure, but in my experience my FP4 definitely has times where it’s in involuntary flight mode and my friends’ phones all work.

I never found any sensitivity difference between my FP4 and other phones (currently a ZF8 as second device).

Is there anyway of strengthening the internal antenna? I opened the phone yesterday to take a look and saw that there are two connectors going out to a black “sheet” of some sort in the back cover. Is this for NFC?

It could be a combination of many things but I don’t know what exactly to do to make the situation better.

If you are referring to these pins:

Then yes, they are for the NFC.

Yes, that’s the one. Any possibility to rewire the internal antenna to this? :smiley: Probably not since those are two different types of antennas.
Maybe I will have to look into a signal booster since I work from home and need the phone to work but it’s a nuisance.

VoWiFi is no option?

Thanks for the tip. Will check with operator on monday.
Have a great weekend.

First off, this suggestion is only viable if Tele2 and Telia run on separate networks. If for instance Tele2 uses Telia’s network, it will not work.

Have you tried to put your wife’s SIM-card in your phone? It may be that Telia provides a better signal than Tele2.

When you use a Bluetooth or wired headset can the person hear you ok? It may not be a signal strength issue, have you read this thread Call quality and noise cancellation (regular calls, handsfree, Signal voice messages, Microsoft Teams video calls) - #378 by _jbd

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