Bad reception on both sim cards FP2

I’ve lost quality of reception on my FP2 over the past month or so. I can’t get anything better than “E” when I’m away from Wifi, whereas I used to get 4G most of the time. I bought a second Sim not long ago and that also never gets very good reception. I opened up the phone to check the antenna, seems ok. Any other suggestions? It’s not good enough to use eg googlemaps anymore when I’m out and about.

From which operators are these two SIM cards and in which country are you?

Sim 1 is UK Phone Co-op. Sim 2 is a French one from Orange. The problem started while I was in France and has continued now I’m back in the UK.

What connection type is set for the SIM cards? At the end you must decide which one you want to use for mobile data and set this one to 4g. the other one must be set to 2G as long as not used for mobile data.

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