Bad picture quality using /e/ - and possible solution

As I always had quality problems with the pictures of my Fairphone 3 (also with the new module) I just wanted to share a solution for improvement, which I found in a bug report.

I am running /e/ and had issues with the default camera app and when installing the more recent version of it from f-droid store.

From the bug report:

Go into Camera settings then Processing settings… → Edge mode algorithm and set to off.

Camera2 API has to be enabled for this setting to appear.

(I was a little surprised not to find the topic here already. Did I miss it in the search?)



Thank you for the tip. Did this significantly improve your picture quality? I’m looking for ways to improve the FP4 on eos

Corresponding to your question in the other thread.

Have a look at GrapheneOS camera or one of the Gcam ports (Nikita or Wichaya are recommendable)

the only disadvantage is not being able to use the wide angles. I personally can live with that point.

Yes, it did. I always had in the top corner areas clearly visible artifacts, which have been gone with this setting. Also the overall picture didn’t look to artificial and strange anymore. I can not describe it well, but the pictures in the bug report show what I mean. Mine looked exactly the same.

And maybe not being able to select a portable SD as storage :slight_smile:

as this is a FP3 topic to avoid confusion:

The FP3 has no wide angle lense as the FP4

for the FP3 its the Nikita GCam port

is this available for the FP3?

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Could you point me to the corresponding thread? From just your comment I assume that the problem maybe could be solved by activating the correct setting in the camera app. I would like to point to this thread. Maybe it helps?

It is a normal apk and not FP4 specific
Download an try it :wink:

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Hi Maybe I was misunderstood. I don’t have a problem, I was just pointing out that the wide angle issue wasn’t the only downside that FairphoneHulk referred to. (but as mentioned, the wide-angle option isn’t an FP3 thing anyway )

Thanks for your concern :slight_smile:

when you use the GCam Port, you cannot select the SD card as storage location neither on the FP3 nor the FP4, there is just no setting for this as e.g. in Open Camera

Thanks for clearing that up. :slight_smile:
So naively I would say, somebody needs to write a bug report/feature request for those apps and maybe point to the open camera code, to help these apps in question to get this feature? :wink:

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no one here will stop you :wink:

bug/feature request ??

With the google Gcam I wouldn’t be surprised if a) they want to limit the use of SD cards and b) channel users to use their cloud: which provides more income and user data to sell.

Thanks a lot for the tip, I always thought the pictures are “over sharp” and with this setting they look much more natural and remind me of the pictures taken with my old Nikon DSLR (which I still like to use :grinning:)

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