Bad mobile service - service disappearing all the time


For the last few weeks I have troubles with my mobile service (calling and data). I was travelling abroad first, so initially I thought it was related to the locations I was, or to my phone plan. But now I’m at home, and had contact with my provider. All was good on their end, they reset my sim card. At home I never had any service problems, always had good service. I actually think it’s a problem of my Fairphone 2.

What happens?
My service is just disappearing all the time. Very annoying when you call… as I disappear on the line all the time. Often it’s just just, so the other person doesn’t hear me for a while and it works again, only sometimes I’m away for long enough to have the line to be broken.

What can be the problem? Anyone can help?

A trivial try for a start:

  • Turn off the phone completely.
  • Take out the SIM card.
  • Put the SIM card in again.
  • Turn the phone on again.

Else …


The cable seems fine, as far as I can see. Didn’t look underneath the particles with the tiny screws. So I first try the cleaning. As surely those pads have clear scratch marks.

I already removed the SIM card when the phone was off when my provider reset my sim. Did it now again. Don’t think that solves anything.

I’ll try cleaning first. Than maybe have to look underneath the particles if I can see if the cable is loose.

Hi, I tried to clean it. I used cleaning alcohol. And with a cotton bud. Is that the way to do it?
Also tried to removed the sim card as you suggested. But… still service falls away every time I call… Usually after a minute talking or something…

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