Bad experiences

So, after 4 months of waiting (since the battery of the FP1 broke) I received the FP2 finally yesterday. Charged, switched it on, and got a reboot. Ok, let it reboot, and again.
The phone is rebooting every few minutes. Sometimes after 10-15 minutes, sometimes after 1 minute, sometimes during the reboot routine. It doesn’t matter if I’m holding it in my hands, or if it just lies on the table: it reboots every few minutes. It does it with or without a SIM card in it. No SD card tried yet.

I managed to have the updater working on the actual 17.10.1, there are a few apps installed (WhatsApp, Qando (public traffic info)), and an IMAP mailbox is configured and synced in the stock email app. I also disassembled the phone (at least up to the point where tools are needed), checked the pressure of the battery, etc, but nothing helped…

But as it is, the phone is useless at the moment. Needless to say, I’m rather pissed off to be honest.

What can we do? From other threads, it looks like there is no clue about the origins of the reboots (or did I miss something?). But would sending it back and demanding a replacement get me a working device?

Edit: after some forth and back with the helpdesk, the phone was replaced with a working one which we received today. The first 3 hours no reboots other than the one needed for updating the OS :slight_smile:

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