Bad battery or something else?


since a few days I noticed a strange behavior of my FP2. The battery consumption is quite bad and I assume it is the battery. However, in addition to that it takes very long to charge (yesterday it told me 1d20h). This might also be the battery or the charging controller. Also in addition if the signal is not almost 100% it completely drops every few seconds. Calls are not a problem but just monitoring the signal bars shows this. In cases where I have full signal strength I cannot see that. So my next assumption would be the transceiver part. This is also only since a few days.

My question would be, what can I do? I ordered a new battery already which should be here Monday. If this behavior does not stop, what should I try next or which part to exchange next?

Any ideas or further advises what I can check/try before I order new parts?


Hey Markus,

have you installed any new apps or updates recently? Massive battery consumption looks like it could stem from battery intensive apps running in the background.

You could have a look in your Android Settings under the Battery section if there are any apps being listed with high battery usage.

No, nothing has changed and also the battery consumption shown is as it always was basically.

I can also say now that the new better did not make things better. It still gets hot and the battery is empty within half a day or so without using the phone.
Also the signal is still dropped every time (the signal bar in the battery stats is red all the time).

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