Backup if screen not working

Hi, can someone help me to recover data (esp. photos) from my FP2 with a black screen? - Screen is black permanently (no forum suggestions helped, different issue; replacement screen also non-functional), I need to send in phone for repair/replacement. Before doing that, I need to backup my photos. How can I do that without the screen? 64GB SDHC card is formatted as internal memory, i.e. card reader doesn’t help. Thanks for your help!
(no need for advices what I should have done different - desperately looking for a quick solution now…)

Thanks for your assistance.
It’s not encrypted, so I’ll try your solution - sounds a bit complex for me, but I’ll take some time later to go step-by-step along your description, I hope it’ll work.
So it will eventually give me an image that I can boot on my PC (step3) and then actually access the files, correct?

No. The linked post “only” describes how you boot the TWRP recovery on your phone via a USB connection without needing the phone’s display.

If you then have booted TWRP, MTP will be enabled, so you can transfer files from the Internal Memory to your PC via USB.

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Did you ever use MyPhoneExplorer via WiFi to make a backup to your computer? If you did, you can still establish the conection via your PC and backup your files.

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