Backup and Restore -- videos disappeared


Before to do the upgrade which reorganizes the partition of internal memory (I do not remember about the name of this upgrade), obviously I did a backup on SD of all data and applications.
After this upgrade I restored all.
All the pictures were restored in an unique folder named ‘picture’ in ‘Gallery’ build-in app (before there were classified in different folders depending on the app: whatsapp, Retrica, Line, …).
This is quite annoying, but the worst thing is that all videos done with the camera disappeared. Why ? Are they moved in another app/folder ? How is it possible to manually restore them from backup file on SD card ?

Thanks for your support

This symptom occured on two different FP1 first edition Fairphones.

It might be that they were not backed up, I’m afraid… :frowning: The Backup & Restore app, which came with the phone and is provided by Mediatek, really is a mess and should not be used. Better use a backup tool like Titanium Backup.

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Really ?

Advice to Fairphone designers to avoid this app !!!

Thanks for this information.
I do not find a link about this app (Mediatek). Could you give me info ?


Mediatek is the producer of the chipset, the FP1 / FP1U uses. You won’t find a link because that app was specifically designed by Mediatek for this chipset. Titanium Backup can be downloaded from Google Play.

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