Back to home screen whenever the screen goes off

Hello Everybody! I have a fp3+, and I experience an annoying software glitch since the very first time I used my phone: suppose I am writing an email on my phone, and I pause for a minute to do something else. After a minute or so, the screen goes off to save battery. I come back to my phone to finish my email, push the start button and insert the pattern to unlock the screen. The phone would not go back to the email I was writing, but to the home screen.

The same happens with any application. While it may seem a minor issue, it is sort of annoying, especially when I use some work related apps protected by password (I need to reinsert the psw each and every time).

Does anyone experience the same issue? I tested a fp4, which does not seem to suffer from the glitch.

Hi and welcome to the forum.

I have an FP3 and it works as you’d want, When I unlock I am taken to the last app I was using etc.

Maybe a setting you have that does that?

What launcher do you use? Do you use an SD card formatted as internal ? How is the general memory, try clearing the storage and cache of the email app and others.

I’m using default OS A.0021 / Feb 5th Security /

What OS and version are you using.

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