Back to home screen whenever the screen goes off

Hello Everybody! I have a fp3+, and I experience an annoying software glitch since the very first time I used my phone: suppose I am writing an email on my phone, and I pause for a minute to do something else. After a minute or so, the screen goes off to save battery. I come back to my phone to finish my email, push the start button and insert the pattern to unlock the screen. The phone would not go back to the email I was writing, but to the home screen.

The same happens with any application. While it may seem a minor issue, it is sort of annoying, especially when I use some work related apps protected by password (I need to reinsert the psw each and every time).

Does anyone experience the same issue? I tested a fp4, which does not seem to suffer from the glitch.

Hi and welcome to the forum.

I have an FP3 and it works as you’d want, When I unlock I am taken to the last app I was using etc.

Maybe a setting you have that does that?

What launcher do you use? Do you use an SD card formatted as internal ? How is the general memory, try clearing the storage and cache of the email app and others.

I’m using default OS A.0021 / Feb 5th Security /

What OS and version are you using.

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Hi amoun, thanks for your input and sorry for the very slow reaction. My replies below:

What launcher do you use? I do not know, I guess whatever provided with factory setting, unless migrating from my previous phone I inadvertently installed something else. Is there a way to check?

Do you use an SD card formatted as internal ? Yes I do, a pretty old one, but not full

What OS and version are you using: Android 11, security update 05 feb 2023

Thank you so much!

How is the general memory? Still have 26 GB of internal storage + 7.5 GB in the SD card. Besides, I had this issue from the very beginning (but discovered the forum only very recently)


There are a few things to ‘discuss’

  • The launcher I use is Nova Launcher, which is manually installed and then set as the default. LINK to follow
  • To manually install an app [???.apk] you will have to allow install from external sources
    DETAIL to follow
  • There is a know problem using an SD card as internal LINK to follow :slight_smile:
  • There is an option not to use battery saver, which does interfere with apps
  • The length of time the screen stays on can be adjusted.

Your OS is the latest public release. Before long there will be an upgrade to A13 with a March security patch. There will be no A12.

I am beta testing A13 and so the following guides may be slightly different on A11

Try in this reverse order

Restart the phone each time. There is also a Safe Mode you can try which is designed to circumvent any custom apps that may be a problem

  • The length of time the screen stays on can be adjusted.
    Settings > Display > Screen timeout

  • There is an option not to use battery saver, which does interfere with apps
    Settings > Battery > Battery saver . . . Disable if you use it

  • SD card. Please see this guide for more info
    ✏ A little guide to... using SD cards

  • To manually install an app [???.apk]
    First enable Developer options, there are warnings about this
    Settings > About phone . . . Scroll to bottom entry > Build number . . . tap at least 7 times . . . this will enable developers options

  • Go to
    * Settings > System > Advanced > Developers options . . . where you can also disable developers options

    • Permission to install from unknown sources may be under
      Settings > Security
    • See this topic for ideas on installing [apks]
  • Nova Launcher
    I download from

My main concern is your use of an SD card as i nternal, things are likely to get worse.

  • Save any personal data from the phone
  • Reformat as internal
  • Ensure the main memory the 64Gb has at least 10Gb free
  • Use the SD card for all personal data. If internal it is encrypted and if the phone stops working you can not retrieve and data. Formatted as External/Portable you can use any other phone or PC to read the data.
  • The default camera has an option to store to the SD card, once it is formatted as Portable.

On memory, empty the Photos bin, clear the cache and storage of many apps

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