Back Camera is not working, picture is completely black


my back camera is not working. When I open the stock camera app (or any other app that can use and has the permission to use the back camera) the picture is completely black. The front camera is not affected.

I tried the following:

  • reboot
  • cleared cache of camera app
  • dis- and reconnected the back camera module

Does anyone have a clue if this problem could be software or hardware related? I did drop my FP3 a few times with no visible damage. The problem didn’t occur directly after a drop though.

Is there anything else I can do before I try a complete reset?

Many thanks for your help!


Two thoughts:

When you dis- and reconnected the rear camera module, were you able to check both “click” connectors? There are two, one is visible and connects right to the module, the other is hidden under the metal plate, roughly under the camera symbol here.

If your camera module is the original one that the FP3 (without the plus) came with, there is a legion of offers of those here in the forum’s marketplace, often just for shipping costs:

Oh, and welcome to the community forum! :+1:


Hi urs_lesse,

many thanks for your instantaneous reply and the warm welcome :slight_smile:

I disconnected the camera connecting cable as described in step 11 of the ifixit-guide. When I reconnected, it made two clicking sounds.

Is there a guide on how to remove the metal plate to check if the second connector is properly connected?

Thanks also for the marketplace hint! I will definitely search there before buying a new module. Cheaper and much more sustaibable :slight_smile:

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You’ll also find a complete “teardown” at iFixit, but it doesn’t clearly describe how they lift the metal plate (this is beyond the official warranty). I cannot provide any experience of my own here, I just know that some who had issues installing the new FP3+ camera module were able to reconnect the “hidden” connector without completely removing the metal plate – just by lifting/stretching the metal up a bit in that area.

OK, I’ll try lifting the tiny metal bar under the camera symbol to see what’s going on beneath.
If it’s not necessary I’d be glad to avoid a complete teardown. I haven’t done that yet with any electronic device :sweat_smile:
I’ll come back later to report how it went.

I guess you’re talking about this topic?

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