🇳🇱 FP3 Camera module used

I’ve bought and installed the new Camera+ module. Are you looking for a working but used Camera module I would be happy to help you with it.

Netherlands, Alkmaar

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How do you like the new model? I haven’t received mine yet!

the front is now 16MP but the rear camera is still 16MP and not 48MP as expected. Due to that I don’t see a real difference :\

Did you read the specs? The output for the rear camera is 12 MP. This has been communicated by Fairphone from the start. There is no reason to expect the output to be 48 MP. There is a forum topic devoted to this already.


thanx, found it here FP3+: New camera module still generating 12 MP pictures

I will make some pictures with the old one and the new one, just curious what the difference is.

Yesterday went to the beach with a beautifull sunny day and the blue sky is all pixels… not very pretty so untill now I don’t experience any advantage of the new camera.

Please avoid off-topic in this thread, which is about selling an old camera module. You can disuss about the new modules in the above mentioned topic.


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