Auto reboot option?

Had my FP3+ a few months now and quite like it. I do find however it seems to perform better if i reboot it once a week. Are there any options or app that will do that automatically? I just have the stock android OS installed.



There is an option to close down background apps, maybe you haven’t invoked that and so there is a build of demand, until of course you reboot. Will look for the setting :slight_smile: and update this post.

EDIT 1. See Battery >Battery Saver (It states it turns off or restricts background activity) I think there’s some other option )

EDIT 2. Check under Settings > Developer options > Running services (You can compare what is running before you reboot to that after) :slight_smile: Dictionary Entry: Developer Options

EDIT 3. Under Developer options > Apps (there are options) Don’t keep activities and Background process limit.

Ok that’s the ideas I have for now, have fun with you phone :slight_smile:

It’s indeed always better to reboot a phone or a computer regularly.
Unfortunately, there isn’t any feature allowing that, and any third-party option would probably require altering the system (in this case, probably rooting).

(Irony on) In my case, one of the great features of my FP2 is that it reboots on its own a few times a week, no need for me to do it myself (irony off).


HI @Shaun_Pryszlak

Just been looking and in line with what Alex said above I can only find apps that require the phone to be rooted.

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