Auto completion for categories

Can you make it so that #fairphone becomes #discuss:fairphone (etc)? Its a lot less work to type. Or would there be auto completion?

Do you not get auto completion for categories?


PS.: I think the super-category is always prefixed to the sub-category’s slug.

Oh I do, I didn’t know had to prefix it with ?

No, sorry, that was the question mark of my question. :wink:

Simply start by typing #.

Ah right, I figured it out. It didn’t work in the post when I started with #tag.

So I was typing this:

#fairphone” and wondered why it didn’t work while it worked if I started with “? #fairphone”.

Also, I thought this was because I tried to start my post with a tag but it is sentence specific. A sentence cannot start with a #tag (or, well, the completion won’t work). Once you started the sentence with any text, it’ll work.

Yep, that’s because a line starting with # was a headline before. Now a headline is a line that starts with #[space].

They could actually allow for tags starting a line now…

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