Auto brightness doesn't go to 0% in dark environments (minimum is 30%)

Ah! Found and enabled it.

There’s a black and white mode and maybe the default amber but no manual change to the depth of brightness/contrast to normal colours.

So it does have a black and white option which maybe useful to some

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UPDATE: Problem

I had the same issue using the app I mentioned as occured with the previous FP3 updatre where the screen went dark in the day.

It seems the app disbled ‘autobrightness’ sort of make sense, but then for some reason, maybe it was on and then put in my pocket, the screen was dark ‘black’ and even in the sun would not adapt.

I had to go somewhere vcery dark to be able to see anything when I swiped down from the notification bar.

Ok manged to get brightenss and uninstalled the app.

What fun?

I am another new owner of a for and I can confirm that the problem is still there.
The automatic brightness control goes only down to somehow 30%. Using manual control I can go much lower. So this looks like a bug in the automatic and there will be no app as a solution



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Hi, I continually need to adjust automatic brightness on my Fairphone 4. It is most easy to reproduce in complete darkness: The brightness adjustment slider is then at about 30 %. It is too bright, I have to adjust it down to zero. If I use my phone another time in comlete darkness, it is at 30 % again. This is also the case in other (brighter) environments, the screen is always brighter than necessary. This drains the battery and is annoying in dark environments. Is there some way to adjust brightness to have it still automatic, but generally darker? Thanks…


Hi, welcome to the forum. Best is to #contactsupport, this is an issue since the phone was released.

Hi and welcome, I moved your post here, as this is a know issue.

I hoped this would’ve been fixed in Android 12, but nope…

But at least you can now use Extra dim, which allows to get an even dimmer display :slight_smile:

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True, but with the many Android updates we missed the past weeks I had high expectations and they would be bug squashing like crazy. Seems like the smallest issues aren’t even resolved.

Extra dim is there, but it works very different than on my Pixel 3. When enabled on my Pixel 3 I can dim my screen below the default threshold. On My FP4 the brightness goes down as a whole and the maximum brightness is now less while still have to manually adjust the minimum brightness. So that’s broken… I’m not even going to report it, it’s not getting fixed. Gotta stay positive…

Yeah, it seems that it doesn’t widen the range, only shifts it lower.

It has a quick settings tile, so you can easily turn it on/off close to the place where you adjust brightness anyways… But I agree it would be better if it just increased the range.

I wondering if its a kind of feature or a kind of compromise, because on the FP3 the people either complain, that lowest brightness is too bright or when this is “fixed” people using auto brightness complain, that its too dark in bright light…

That’s why adaptive brightness has been a thing for a while. The phone learns what you prefer by providing feedback. My Pixel 3 learned what I liked in a few days and by adjusting it only a few times at night and during the day. If FPs approach is some kind of static setting for all, then it’s harder indeed. Although you can enable a toggle “go below 30% brightness” and it’s fixed for both camps. But that’s kind of a poor man’s solution, but yes, that would fix it.

Extra dim is already something Android now provides in version 12, but it’s broken on a Fairphone.

Finally, it is fixed!

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Fixed ~ really ~ ??? Does it really go to 0%.

Else maybe change the title to

[Auto brightness doesn’t go to 0% very low in dark environments (minimum is 30%)]

There is no need to change it. You can test it yourself if you see your daughter this weekend :wink:

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