Asking for features

Hello everyone, I’m sorry to bother you with a question of mine.

I want to ask for a few features for the OS from Fairphone but I don’t know, where I should ask for that.

I’m new here so I don’t know anything about the forum. Please tell me if I made a mistake or if there is a better way to get the information.

Have a nice day and take care.

Welcome to the forum!
As this is a user forum you might voice your feature requests here, but possibly no FP staff member will read your proposals.
So a better way might be to #contactsupport but still I’m not too optimistic that your feature requests will be set into practice… (there are still bugs to fix and I assume priority will be higher for that…)


Hi and welcome to the forum

First this is not a useful way to contact Fairphone, this is a user forum, Fairphone just provide the hosting space etc. They do not read much or moderate etc.

Secondly you can email Fairphone with your ideas

  • The OS is basically a simple copy of the Android Open Source Project

  • It really has to go through over one million test with Google before Fairphone get a licence to push is as FPOS

  • So there is not just little that can be done but the work would just be on top of all they have to do, and if you read the forum you will see they have a lot of bugs to sort with just the vanilla offering

So what is you want, you can at least talk about it here. :slight_smile:


Thank you for you help.
I thought that there was some official site to vote for some changes or sth. like that but I couldn’t find anything like that.
That’s why I was asking on the forum. Thank you very much for your help.

You’re welcome!
I’m not aware of such a site and am pretty sure it doesn’t exist, sorry.


Thank you for your help.
My initial guess was, that there is some kind of website where users could engage with the developers in order to vote for some changes that will be made in the future.
I was asking the question on the forum because I couldn’t find it and thought that it might just be a thread on the forum or at least accessible from there.

I can understand that there is a lot of work done from Fairphone devs and I didn’t think that my points are interesting enough for an integration in the next time but I thought it could be a something for the future if there are more resources for that.

My changes were just some customization options for the quick settings, the navigation and the tab-view for the open programs.
These are just quality of life design choices. So there isn’t a big advantage in developing these rather than fixing bugs and developing real features.

Sry for my bad english btw. Didn’t use it much since I concluded school.

I think you will find Android are on to that, but please describe in details as what you are talking about is just interface options, some of which may be available via, updates, custom apps, alternate OSes.

Do you have an FP4 with A12 and the latest update ?

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There are options for the doing some of the customizations I want to do.
Those are for the quick settings.

I have found solutions for the navigation bar even though it uses some tinkering with adb but I will probably find something better for that as well.

For the tab-view of the background programs I haven’t found anything yet.

I want to change the ‘close all open programs’ button location. Currently you have to swipe to the left of the tabs in order to access it.
This takes almost as long as it takes to close all the apps on my own.
That’s why I want to place it as a button to the top/bottom or on the right side rather than on the left side. This would make it faster to access.
Like I already said, this is just a personal preference rather than a necessary feature so it would probably never make it into the development stack but I thought it should at least be adressed if it is an easy fix.

Yes. I use a Fairphone 4 with current updates (latest ones that are available through android-update).

Have a nice day.

With Android, there is no need to close the apps.

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That must be a lot of apps and so I can see why you may want to close them.

But ‘really’ Fairphone are not going to undertake any such tweak, :rofl:
As mentioned every time there is a new update it has to pass a million google tests and there is enough to just get the basics to a condition that suits users.

Mind you I think the top would be more useful, no scrolling and less likely to tap by accident

Framework? I realize that their products are similar, but gee. XD

Yeah, @Traps8003, Android should automatically manage memory for the user more efficiently by studying your habits. The reason why the user remains able to swipe apps to somewhat more aggressively kill them is for when the user expects that they shall not use it in the near future, and thus don’t need it to remain in memory, even if usually that would be useful.

Unfortunately, even if your propositions are sensible, you shouldn’t expect an Android OEM that delivers a near-stock ROM to be onboard with modifications to Android, because it increases the burden of maintenance versus simply using upstream code. Especially since Fairphone apparently outsources their development (which already causes enough issues itself).

What you’re searching for is called a bug tracker. Fairphone has two – and However, the former is solely for the #help:fairphone2/#fp2, and the latter is solely for Fairphone employees/contractors – those who actually develop the software.

There’s nowhere official for feature requests. You can only hope that the developers shall read your posts here, since this is as close to an official forum as it gets – it’s a subdomain of, after all.

Its for the FP2 not FP4

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Amended that to read Fairphone :slight_smile:
Thanks for noting one of my many typing mistakes, I just can’t stop

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It’s not a sub domain of Fairphone support, it just a user hang out where Fairphone notify of OS upgrades . . . best for individuals to contact them with what the wants

Thanks for the help, guys.

I know that that was a stupid request but I just thought that I could get lucky with it.

I won’t contact the support though. That would increase the amount of work these people have to do and serve no purpose because they are fixing bugs rather than listening to a random user requesting beauty updates.


Wishfull thinking comes to mind


or :

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Please don’t be discouraged. If it’s not a Fairphone-specific improvement, technically the AOSP bugtracker works for such requests, although be ready for very techncial discussion. If you’re not, they’ll probably disregard the proposal.

Yeah, somehow mistyped 2 as 4 twice. Twice…

Huh? is a subdomain of I’m only discussing DNS resolution.

With as many as -/only 12 apps open I can swipe from left to right on my screen and reach the Close All button with just that one swipe. And then a tap of course.

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