Are there problems with upgrading to Android 4.4.2. Kitkat alpha?

as first apps are starting to be incomplatible to Android 4.2, I’m thinking about upgrading to the unfinished version 4.4 as well to prolong the life span of my phone.
Apart from the look of the clock widget, did you notice any problems with the upgrade?

I upgraded 19-20 days ago.

  • There is known glitch with the battery usage graph (see screenshot below), it displays a sudden drop from 29% to 13% (seemingly a consistent pattern). The total duration of a battery cycle seems unchanged though (I actually let the battery run dry on the first cycle – it still lasted 24 hours after the drop to 13%).
  • I find the Music app works worse than before. It sometimes superficially freezes (the display shows a track halting while you actually keep hearing it play without any disturbance). Generally, it seems to struggle more with my admittedly very large music collection (140+ GB on SD).
  • Other than that, I sometimes seem to notice that the touch screen responses with a tiny delay, it feels less “snappy” than it did on 4.2.2. This might be a subjective impression only, I would not bet on it.

I hope I can find a music app that copes better with a large music collection. If I don’t, I will downgrade.

For reference: Here are some more known issues: FP1: Macadamia 1.9.9-pre3 Alpha

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