Android 4.2.2. digital clock widget for Android 4.4.2?

I finally made the jump from Fairphone OS 1.8.7 Kola Nut to the unfinished Macadamia 1.9.9 today. Now while I’m still familiarizing myself with everything, one* of the things that I find problematic is the very light weight (thin) lettering of the clock widget when added to the home screen.

Is there a way to get at least the hour as bold as it was on Android 4.2.2?

Can anyone recommend a clock widget that I can install instead (on F-Droid or elsewhere outside the Play Store)?

*I also wished the display darkening time was still quickly at reach in the settings, it’s buried much deeper in those now.

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Another try … :angel:

Will I need to meddle in the system more in depth to achieve this?

I have no experience of my own with other clocks (and I am still running 4.2.2).
Just searching for “Clock” on f-droid produced at least two interesting alternatives:

I guess I will try them myself this evening (just out of curiosity).

When it comes to meddling or tinkering with the system, the OS and the like, I am lost.

Thanks, yes, I had a look at the available clocks on F-Droid. I’m starting to think I might have to cope with the thin lettering (basically, the hour has the same thin lettering as the minutes already had on 4.2.2) and change the background picture to something much darker (at least in the clock area).

On the other hand, the mini digital clock and the battery status in the top bar are much better legible on 4.4.2 (white, not blue).

You could also try the Dashclock Widget, that should be available in the F-Droid Archive and on Google Play. If I remember correctly, the clock can be styled in many ways.

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