Apps disappearing from folders

I’ve sorted the apps I use into folders but then some of them disappear and then they are not in My all apps list. It would appear that they have uninstalled but when I went back again to see if they were in all apps they were back again so I can drag them back to the folder but I don’t want to have to keep doing that.

Did you maybe install these app on your external SD card?

Yes. I’ve just realised that the ones that go missing have been moved to my external sd card. Still needs fixing though

I’m pretty sure the Apps have not been moved by themselves but you put them there. You need to install them on the internal storage so this won’t happen.

I have the same problem. So can’t you move apps to the SD-Card if you want to create a shortcut on the homescreen? Why that? Is there any app to fix this problem? I don’t think I had this on my old sony xperia, where I installed most of the apps on my SD card.

I think I had the same on my old Sony xperia and it happens when apps were updated.

It’s quite normal that it happens when you update apps. I don’t update my apps per autoupdate. I really think it is the moving of installed apps to the SD card. But: After I moved an app, I can create a new shortcut on my homescreen, why does it disappear again some minutes later?

I’m afraid that could be due to the fact that for Android 5 Google limited the usage of the external SD card for security reasons. So installing apps on the external SD can cause problems. But since the phone storage is so big, I don’t really see any necessity to move apps to the external SD.