Save pictures from camera to SD-card?

Hej, I haven’t found the settings for the camera yet. How can I make it save pictures to SD-card? Since I am experiencing big problems getting my photos off my phone since the last update, this might be a way around it…

Btw, I haven’t found any settings for the SD-card yet. I would even like to put some apps on the SD-card.

And for your question about apps:
Putting apps on the SD-card has become rather complicated in recent versions of Android. There’s a technical discussion about SD card access rights here:

But even if you work around the default restrictions, moving apps to the SD card may not be a very smooth experience:

Apps disappearing from folders

is not relevant in this topic, has nothing to do with sdcard. What was meant: create folders on the desktop and store app-links in it.

If you want to shift apps to sdcard, you can do that. But why? The phone has enough storage and the speed of the built-in-storage is much higher.

Become root and you can do that.


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