Apps can’t read SIM card contacts

Hello everyone,

When I choose “Contacts to display” in the Contacts app it only shows messengers and the “customize” option, not the SIM card or device. Also, when I choose “import/export” and “import from SIM” it shows 0 contacts, despite some being present on the SIM card.

Even apps like Dumbphone assistant ( and Myphoneexplorer don’t show any SIM contacts

On an older phone with Android 4 e.g. in the Contacts app under “contacts to display” I can choose the SIM card and it shows that there are contacts stored there.

I have recently updated my FP2 from FPOOS (Android 6-based) without GMS and with Xprivacy to FPOOS (Android 7-based) without GMS and with Xprivacy. However, I’m not sure this issue is related to this. The same issue also exists with another FP2 of a friend who runs vanilla FPOS (also Android 7-based), meaning she has Google apps and no tinkering was done with Xposed etc. It must have been like that under Android 6 and maybe even 5 already, since I had to install MyLocalAccount ( ) on her phone in order to keep her contacts on the phone and away from Google (i.e. back then I have already been unsuccessful to save contacts to the SIM card).

Could you please help with this problem?

Please also consider the issue I just posted in this topic: Can only save new contacts as phone-only, unsynced contact

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