Apps are working themselves without any possibility to controll by me


since one day, my fairphone is not working correctly. The apps are starting themselve, more and more apps open and I cannot close them. The only possibility was, to turn off the smartphone. After this, I could not restart, because the same problem started before I could tip the PIN.

What could be the reason? What can I do to solve the problem?

Thanks for your help!

Sounds like a touchscreen issue. Could you try taking off the screen and cleaning the contacts?

See for instructions (with pictures) or look on YouTube if you want to know how.

Hello Albert,

thank you for your answer! How can I clean the contakts?

I see it has already been described nicely in this post. Usually using a napkin or toilet paper is enough to remove dust.

Thank you, I will try to do this.

Hi MaMaFe,
I had the same problem last winter and i directly contacted the support, who send me a new display. The problem is called “ghost touches”.
I think, this is your best option, if the cleaning doesn’t help.
Also you can check, if your system is up to date.
Good luck !

Hello Milo.E,

thank you very much!!! The cleaning was not successful, so I have
contacted the support today.
Now I am waiting for their reaction.


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