App notification sound while in call

Since using the Fairphone 4 I hear short sounds when I get notifications during a call (normal phone call or video call). I by have all notification sounds set to none. Looked for settings in various places but can’t find anything. Also in phone settings there is no setting for notification sounds during calls. Anyone an idea?

I want to shut down these sounds. Quite annoying during calls.

Are the sounds always coming from the (loud) speaker, or (if your call is not on speaker) does it sound like its coming from the same audio source as the call? Is the same sound regular notifications make on your phone or is it a sound you exclusively hear during calls?

Hi @AndreasChris , it is coming from the same audio source as the call, I’m always on my earphones. Its an exclusive sound I hear during calls. I configure my notifications to never have a sound.

Hmm… that sounds very weird indeed. If it didn’t coincide with unrelated notifications, I would’ve thought that it may have something to do with your provider. It’s not unheard of to have pre-paid providers play some sound when your credit is running low.

Is the sound you hear listed in the default android notification sounds or is it something utterly different? If not: Does it sound like an intentional melody/sound or more like unwanted static/interference. Do you maybe have a recording of the sound? Maybe that could give us a clue as to the sound’s origin.

Also you could try using a different dialer app such as Simple Dialer in order to narrow down whether your issue is related to the system or the dialer app.

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Thanks for looking into this @AndreasChris

So just to clarify: the sound is heard when there is a related notification. Most frequent this comes from Whatsapp or Microsoft Teams. The sound definitely sounds like an on-purpose short sound. I just haven’t configured it myself like that. When I use Microsoft Teams it also gives the sound when I mute and unmute. I initially thought it was a MS teams setting but later on I realized I also hear the same sound when in a regular phonecall and I get a whatsapp message. So I figured it must be some global notification setting.

There is an old similar topic maybe @Spongebob can help, with some tipps

The problem still exists, but since Android 13 should already come next month, I hope that this problem with a few other problems are no longer there :).

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