Notification tone when calling is too loud

Hello everyone,
I noticed yesterday that during an ongoing phone call, the notification tone changed from Android 11 to Android 12 in an uncomfortable way. It is now very loud and very shrill, can you change the tone?

I dont really understand the issue, however why dont you just change the sound and/or use the vol -buttons? If the sound/voice of the caller is too loud did you reduce it using the volume buttons?

Else maybe you want to specify, Notification of what?

And just a remark: its a user forum, we cant change anything

It’s about the notification sound you get when you’re on the phone. As far as I know, this tone cannot be adjusted. Neither in the volume nor the type of sound. In Android 11 it was still a quieter and more pleasant tone. In Android 12 it is very shrill and very loud. The sound is output directly from the earpiece while you are on the phone. Can be very easily reproduced. Just send yourself a WhatsApp, e-mail or something, and call someone at the same time.

So you mean the sound of an incoming.message while you are on the phone?

Did you check the sound settings where you can change the vol of notifications?

Else #contactsupport

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Yes, i mean this. I check it and than i report :).

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