App does not really install again (reinstallation leads to app shutdown)


Maybe I can find help here. I wanted to install an App and had some trouble with the app itself. Now I decided to reinstall it, which was the most common suggestion to get rid of app problems so far. However the app does shut down each time I try to start it now. I tried common suggestions here too (restart phone, reinstall it again, etc) and contacted the developer. Both was without any help and it seems to be a problem with the software of my FF3+.

What I figured out so far:

  • The app is automaticly transferred to my SD Card (don’t know how to change that). From my previous Phone I know that this sometimes makes some trouble. I tried to move it to the main storage: Does not work because “not enough storage” (100 Mb App, 20 GB left in main storage, Larger apps still work to move).
  • Maybe something is saved somewhere about the first installation, inhibiting reinstallation (Cache Data maybe?). I tried to find some data on the phone, but nothing was there (have some trouble looking into the SD-card data actually - is this normal?)

Because my final straw would be restarting the whole phone to factory settings, I wanted to ask you guys about some help, because the rest of the internet does not seem to have any help (or maybe I am to dumb to find it). I do not want to restart the phone because I just got it 3 weeks ago, it took some time to settle it up and i fear loosing data or else (which was the case with my last phone, so kinda paranoid)

Thanks :slight_smile:

Details: FF3+, Android 10 (newest version, all updates), Store: Google playstore, App: Duolingo (sadly the only one with chzec)

Welcome to our community :+1:

In this forum we often hear about all sorts of issues related to SD cards formatted as “phone storage” (a.k.a. internal storage). If your SD card is formatted in this way, I strongly recommend that you re-format the card so that it serves as “portable storage” (a.k.a. external storage). Ideally, you should save the data from the card before doing that as formatting will inevitably delete everything on the card. This might be a bit of a hassle, but based on how often we have people here having issues with “phone storage” SD cards, I would strongly assume this is the root cause of your problem with the app, too.

What the two ways to format the SD card entail:


Maybe this might help :thinking: but I heared that i cannot use the storage for apps anymore.

That’s right (I think the guide mentions this). I cannot judge if your setup and your apps are such that you can live with that or not, but if there’s anyway you can deal with that disadvantage, I would still recommend to change.


Because I found it quite handy to have more storage for apps (which was the reason I was able to keep my last phone for so long with 8 GB Storage) I really love this ability. But you are right it comes at a cost of some apps having trouble with it.

However this tipp solved my problem:
I moved all apps to the main storage formated the Card back to mobile. Installed the respective App (works now). Then I reinstalled the SD-card with maintaining the problematic app on the main storage. It was a bit unhandy, but the other apps on the SD card worked well so far and I wanted to keep it as a combined storage.

So at the end I have won on both sides :slight_smile: Thank you ^^

Do as you want but, honestly, I would really not recommend to keep it as internal storage. It has led some devices to camera not saving pictures, files not being accessible at all and some messaging apps not working anymore because they couldn’t save their data on the phone’s storage.
But in the end, as you want and at your own risks :slight_smile:


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