App compatibility issues after Android 7 update

I did not update the FP OpenOS, still 7.1.2 but a series of apps have been deleted, upgraded and/or reinstalled and others been freshly installed. Currently there are 46 apps installed.
There was a temporary clash, some apps refused to be reinstalled for some time. There are a lot of compatibility issues, as some apps have been installed under android 6, and no comment showed up, when the FP OpenOS was upgraded to 7.1.2 . However at reinstall or upgrades both with F-droid and Yalp there were comments of errors and of compatibility issues. Later upgrades or installs succeeded, e.g. firefox is such an app, which could for some time not be upgraded ,and after deletion installed.
Reason :Different new security certificates / errors . This seems to be the hidden cause.
BR Erich

I have too an app with a lot of problems since update, and I wanted to reinstall it, it was’nt possible, because not visible in Android store. I think it is’nt compatible with Android 7, but FP forced update without checking compatibilité of apps ?
So, maybe the solution is to uninstall and reinstall all apps, so as to clean the potential problems ?
I will try it :wink:

I guess you have never experienced this with Windows? Well, I did have.
So it was to be expected with Android. There are simply too many apps out there. Almost impossible for FP to check on each individual app for compatibility or do you know of any practical way?
There are responsible developers out there taking care of their code updating it to meet new compatibility levels for newer OSes, but many don’t do so.

How did this “force” went on? Up to now I could always decide by my self if I wanted to accept an update or not.


Hi Patrick1 !

I don’t know exactly how it works, but I can see this : when I search an app in android store, if I’m on android 7 I can see it, but I don’t find it if I looked for it from android 8, I think that necessary every app needs to have somewhere informations about its compatibility.
So, when you updated OS (Android), it necessary cans have this information too, and can desactivate apps that are not compatibles. Does my thinking seem correct ?

Of course, FP don’t force update, you always have the choice, but do you know a lot of people that really knows what will happen with an update ? Everyone -except some experts- will answer yes to an update, because they think it is necessary, or because they never think about changing parameters to avoid automatic updates (for ex Windows…).

That’s what I meant in my previous message :slight_smile:

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in my other IT world I use debian (2 laptops and a server). Now that this part is working …
There all packages have a dependency system and the updates are strongly managed. Usually blocking is provided.
Such a system seems to be apparently missing from the android world. At least with FPOpenOS it is possible to upgrade the OS, without being warned that there are apps, which will cease working. Currently Firefox works again, but my nextcloud app is goofed on the FP2.
In the case of a deletion , the entered data are wasted. Everything from zero.
With debian, you can deinstall and keep the config data and the user data.
Now that existed before …
Some work to do

BR Erich

This should be possible, but does not seem to be available in Google’s app store. The F-Droid app has an option called “include incompatible versions”. I assume this should do what you explain above.

Yes, I totally agree!

Many users think to keep the auto-update option enabled always is the best choice just as they are used (mostly compatible/working updates) from Windows would work as smooth on Android as well.
The fact that conditions here are quite different are often neglected.
At least backing up the last app version prior to an update keeps the option to step back in case of problems or dissatisfaction.
I had to do so a few times already, e.g. for Firefox, 1&1 control center, libreoffice document reader…

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