App alternatives to App-less WiFi calling on the FP2

WiFi calling is working on my FP2 under Fairphone OS 18.04.1 (Android 6.0.1).
Network provider : FreedomPop, USA, California.
I don’t recommend FreedomPop, the service quality is poor when not connected to WiFi (very hard to make/receive a call and SMS may arrive hours later than sent) and FreedomPop has a lot of hidden cost.

This here suggests you would have to install an App for this. That would be not much different than VoIP calling with Skype and the likes. This should give no trouble.

This other topic (Edited after moving posts here to distinguish the topics) is about carrier-branded WiFi calling, as users are having trouble making it work on the Fairphone 2.
Is it working for you only with the SIM card, without an App?

“Carrier-branded Wi-Fi calling is slightly different, however. It’s baked directly into the phone’s dialer, so you don’t need to fire up an app or connect to a service to use it. You can set it as your default way of placing a call, or if you lose phone signal, it will automatically switch to Wi-Fi calling.”


No, the application is required (and the SIM card isn’t). I wasn’t knowing that it was possible to do WiFi calling without a dedicated application.


An interesting and comprehensive read.

Keep in mind that the number of people currently using a Wi-Fi network
and what they’re doing (20 people each streaming a 4K video, for
example) may also affect your signal strength.

Although this technique is young and not very common yet, I think these packets should then also be treated with “QoS” priority by the ISPs as real-time here is as essential as for streaming audio/video. For home users it may not be of much relevance, but many public wifi hotspots as I could experience were way too slow to even deliver a reasonable speed for browsing (of course depending on how many users are connected).

I use whatsapp on wifi to call sometimes. Often gets distracting feedback, but it’s useful - I too have poor mobile coverage locally.
the phone co-op
…who use ??EE?? maybe.
My fp2 OS is the current one (20th July 2018).

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