List of providers with working WiFi calling on FP2 (all OS versions including Lineage OS)

Please post any positive experience with using WiFi calling on the FP2 here. I am not sure if there are actually any working examples…
Please include the name of your network provider, country and type and version of the operating system you are using on your FP in the post.
For those who do not know what WiFi calling is: This feature uses a WiFi connection instead of the mobile network to place and receive calls. It is extremely helpful for people (myself included) who have bad mobile network coverage but a good broadband connection.


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As this is still confusing: In the context of this topic, WiFi calling refers to routing calls placed via the normal dialler (or SMS/MMS) over a WiFi connection in a seamless manner, using your phone number and contract with your regular carrier.

Or, as EE illustrates it:

You don’t need to download an app or plug anything in. Just call, text and send picture messages as normal whenever you see the WiFi Call indicator in the top left of your screen.

To be clear: carrier WiFi calling does not include third-party VoIP/SIP solutions such as Skype / Whatsapp / Viber / Fritz!App FON / Facebook Messenger / Signal / Google Hangouts|Voice / etc. These are carrier independent (and in many cases will even work without a SIM card).

@M_Dammer: I normally would suggest turning the original post into a wiki, but until someone has a setup that is using actual carrier WiFI calling, it’s probably better to keep this as a discussion to filter our ‘false alarms’.


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