Apollo does not fetch Album Covers

The title pretty mich says it. This is for both FP OS and FP Open. I set the Option to download missing Album covers and artist pictures, even deselected the only-wifi option. But nothing happens. If you select an album, you can tap on the little symbol in the upper left (where the cover should be displayed) and it opens a menu where you can again explicitly ask it to download the cover but it doesn’t do it :frowning:
Do you also see this or do you have any ideas? Thanks for your help

Maybe you should ask the developer of the app. We can only help you with FP-related problems. Or does it work on another phone?

As @Stanzi said, this is not a FP problem. A friend of mine has the same problem on his Sony Xperia phone.

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Hey, thanks for your replies. Unfortunately I did not find a lot when searching for this issue before, so i thought i’d ask if anybody else encountered it. especially since everbody on this forum seems to agree that apollo is a must-have f-droid app :wink:

for anybody interested in this: it seems like apollo development has stopped in 2014 :frowning: – so don’t expect a fix for this (unless you do it yourself ;))

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In that case you might be interested in the discussion in this topic:

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hey, thanks for this. i just tried timber (which looks very nice (but fdroid only has 0.2b and also development seems very slow)) and there i see the same issue… will probably ask over in the other thread :wink:

thanks again

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